I arrived at the house of Sam and Mark Green today, they are the founders of The Dogstar Foundation and raise money to provide vet care for dogs and cats in Sri Lanka

I am travelling to Sri Lanka with Sam on Thursday but so far I don't have a Passport which is a worry

We are staying at the Millennium Elephant Foundation ( MEF) in Kegalle where Dogstars real work takes place, the Dogstar team provide free vet care for dogs and cats that have no owners or whose owners cannot afford to pay for treatment

They provide neutering ( ouch ) and Vaccinations ( double ouch ) but they tell me thats a good thing. They also provide food to local stray dogs that are being cared for at the Temple ( I like the sound of that )

I am going to see some elephants that are being cared for at MEF ( a charity that looks after retired and poorly elephants ) and visit one of Dogstars mobile clinics

I am not coming home with Sam , instead I am meeting my first travelling buddy and having a holiday at The Bentota Beach Hotel

Sam says you can check out more about Dogstar at http://www.dogstarfoundation.com/

Sirius x


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