New outfit , New passport and New Blog template

Remember yesterday I said Sam had new clothes for me ?

Red is very much my colour , ooh whats that Sam  , Trousers wow and they have a tail hole ( amazing how many trousers don't )

and a hat with holes for my ears , now thats fancy

can you tell who I am yet ?

Thats right I am Santa Paws

More good news is that my new passport has arrived at Dogstar HQ , I am a bit cross because today instead of being boring like normal Sam has been doing fun things with SNOW  and I missed it :(

But I cheered up when I saw how fab my new blogger layout is and I have to a say a really big thank you to Kel at Design Bug who made it for me. She is really really lovely and nearly as talented as me so if you need a blog template designing talk to her first

love Sirius x x x


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