Merry Christmas!!

Chestnuuuuuts roasting on an open fiiiiiire....!

Welcome to my Merry Christmas, and I hope you are all having a lovely day! Despite the lack of snow we are all getting in the Christmas spirit over here in Wales. Look! I've made another new friend, and what a seasonal one he is.

A little bit of what you fancy is good for you, isn't it? And lots of people came to the pub today to have a little Christmas tipple.

Oh, hang on, well, it is a bit strong that stuff. Ermm....No, seriously, that's just me and the guys kidding around. We've had a lovely day. We've played pool.

We've hugged sheep (well, it is Wales you know).

And we all had a go at being the fairy on top of the tree.

Most of all, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Love, Sirius xx

p.s. Dear Wendy's Mum. Thank you so much for the fab Christmas hat! I hope you notice I am sporting it today. It is so good to have a good range of wardrobe options, a boy really can't go wrong with several hats to chose from. Thanks again, Sirius x


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New friends...

Well, I have been working hard this weekend selling raffle tickets for Dogstar, and reacquainting myself with the locals. I was heartily looking forward to tonight's planned social engagement of eating out at friends' but this has sadly been cancelled due to illness. Instead, Abby and Kev are threatening to leave me with their two hairies while they go out to eat curry (something about them being respectable people and not wanting to risk me misbehaving in the curry house! As if!). We are still in negotiations about this as I am all too aware that at least one of their hairies lusts after me a worrying amount.

In the meantime, I have been getting to know some new friends. Don't worry Sam, we're not playing for big money!

It's amazing how many bears there are round here! They're not so chatty, but company is company. The guy on the right reckons he's famous, but I think he's bigging himself up at bit. He's trying to be all mysterious and won't tell me his real name, just keeps saying "Call me Alan". Does he look like an Alan? I'm suspicious.

As for the other guy, well, he is in a sad state. I found him face down in a corner of the bar trying to hide from the resident hairies. Apparently they give him a really hard time. He showed me the wounds to prove it, too bad to show on here I'm afraid. I gave him my feather boa to cheer him up, and it seems to have worked! Says his name is Keith and that 'Alan' is full of high ideas and not to take any notice of him.

I'm missing my full wardrobe. I have decided I definitely need more jumpers. These folks don't seem to have heard of HEATING. It's alright when you're in front of a fire, but the upstairs of this place is Baltic! I reckon tonight I'm going to have to sleep in full clothing to keep warm. I'm certainly not taking up No 2 hairy beast's offer of a snuggle with him. No siree, I'm not stupid!

Love, Sirius xx

p.s. In the first photo, I notice it looks like my pants are around my ankles. In fact, I am not wearing any pants and what you can see is hand of cards. Honest.


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Welcoooooome to Waaaaaales!

Snow! Yes, it has followed me across country to the far wilds of Wales! I am reporting direct from Tafarn Dwynant, my pub home from home, my Christmas hideaway, my New Year's knockout, my...what's that Abby? Get on with it. Okay!

Here I am reaquainting myself with Kev, who says he's in charge, though Abby said that too. Personally, I suspect Clive the Spaniel is in charge...

Arrived here last night, but we had a quiet night with just a few locals and a modest drinkiepoos. I am pacing myself since this whole Christmas New Year thing sounds like a long haul! Here I am this morning having coffee in preparation for a busy day. I have my own personal coffee cup donchaknow!

Had a busy day already, with a secret mission to the Post Office which I can't tell you about yet, and then some special fundraising preparation work. Take a few things you find lying about...

...add some rather scrumptious munchies....

and Ta! Da! A raffle prize fit for Dogstar!

But, hang on a minute....there's something missing. I know! That's better.

A nice bottle of wine in there as well.

Anyway, lots to do so I'll say bye for now. Hope you're not missing me too much at HQ Sam!

Love, Sirius xxx


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New outfit , New passport and New Blog template

Remember yesterday I said Sam had new clothes for me ?

Red is very much my colour , ooh whats that Sam  , Trousers wow and they have a tail hole ( amazing how many trousers don't )

and a hat with holes for my ears , now thats fancy

can you tell who I am yet ?

Thats right I am Santa Paws

More good news is that my new passport has arrived at Dogstar HQ , I am a bit cross because today instead of being boring like normal Sam has been doing fun things with SNOW  and I missed it :(

But I cheered up when I saw how fab my new blogger layout is and I have to a say a really big thank you to Kel at Design Bug who made it for me. She is really really lovely and nearly as talented as me so if you need a blog template designing talk to her first

love Sirius x x x


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I'm a celebrity get me outta here

okay so day 5 and no new passport but on the bright side I had recovered from my ( totally unnecessary ) bath and Sam said I had to pick a selection of my clothes ready to travel to Abbys Pub by something  called Royal Mail Special Delivery

Once I had sorted out what clothes I wanted to take ( and Sam was no help yet again ) she started nagging saying I better pick out something to wear so Abby does not see my bear behind ,  she thought "bear behind" t was really funny by the way !

I love my Biggles outfit but no passport means no planes :(

As its Wales I did think about my dragon but I was saving that for new years

Sam said its too cold for just my WSPA tee shirt

even with my snowflake scarf

 my blue hoody coat is nice but a bit thin

And Sam said my feather boa was just plain silly ( she is BORING )

my butlins red coat could work

love my easy jet top but it made me think of planes and my missing passport

Sam said I looked like a missing member of the  Village people when I put my firedog outfit on

all these clothes and nothing to wear , hang on Sam whats that ? you have a new outfit for me ?

oooh thats nice maybe you are not totally useless after all ........

To be continued ............


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The best of times, the worst of times

Okay so its day 4 and no Passport but Sam says she has arranged a new one , I can only presume she finally stopped waffling about ebay and rang the British Bear Passport Office.

Really great news my friends Abby & Kev from the best pub in the world Tafarn Dwynant  have invited me to stay over Christmas and New Year and as its in Wales I can go without my Passport

The bad news , the really really bad news is Sam said it was time a had a bath. Now I told her I one in November and she said I but did not count as it was November 2008 ( she really gets hung up on details that one )

Once she gets an idea in her head there is no flipping stopping her so before bed she made me get in the bath

it started off okay

but then Mark turned up the shower

and nearly flipping drown me

then they did my back

and my front

and I hung out with my duck pals

and then just hung out

Sooner I can dry out and get out of here the better


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Passport Watch Day 3

Sam tells me my passport is still missing and she is going to have to get me a new one

Now I thought my missing Passport had come from the British Bear Passport Office but I heard Sam muttering something about getting a new one on ebay ! . Between you and me I think being my PA has loosened her slender grip on reality 

Anyway it appears she is making the arrangements for my new Passport so at least I will be able to travel overseas next year 


P.s image thinking the British Bear Passport Office does not exist , she will be telling me Santa is not real next 


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Star Spotting

I got excited when I saw Sam was blogging all about Sirius the Dogstar and thought finally she is doing something fitting of a PA and promoting me

how ever it turns out she was writing about a star in the sky that is named after me ,

anyway to redress the balance and whilst I am waiting for Sam to sort out my eariler adventures I decided to show some Star Spotting Sirius Dogstar Style

here are some very lucky people having pictures taken with me

Joe Inglis

Matt Baker

Anthony Head

Am off to see if Sam has found my passport yet



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Me again , sorrys its been so long my useless PA Sam has been busying doing something called a Charity Application form which sounds very boring , then she did take me and out ( hoorah ) but lost the camera cable so she could not download any photos ( sacked as soon as I get a replacement let me tell you )

anyway to break up the boredom of watching Sam fill in paperwork ( she needs to get a hobby that girl ) I decided to unpack my travelling box and its just as well I did because my flippin passport is missing !

Thats it in the photo , it was issued by the British Bear Passport office and its number is Dogstar 0001 , the other passport is Sams but thats not very important really BUT MINE IS as I want to go overseas in January

Mark who is slightly better at doing what I tell him than Sam has asked all the people I have visited if they can look for it. If not Sam says we have to get a replacement and I am worried that means I will get stuck here for even longer

If you have seen my missing passport or you know anyone that works at the British Bear Passport office can you let me know

Love Sirius x

P.s Sam says she has found the camera cable so hopefully she will get on with my blogging for me 


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T Touch at Tilley Farm

Sorry its taken me so long to blog , Sam is still my PA and she went off to Sri Lanka to hob nob with elephants and run dog clinics so I am all behind with my blogging again.

Saturday morning Sam and Mark collected me from the PO Box at 7 am. I tried to pretend to be excited but I was still a bit hungover from the Irish Wedding I was at last week , I perked up when Sam said we were going to see a lady called Sarah Fisher at a place called Tilley Farm where Sam and Mark were going to learn about something called T Touch which sounded exciting

 Mark and Noah learnt about body wraps

I was busy as well helping a very nice chap who popped in called Anthony Head by agreeing to pose with him.  I think it might help his career to be photographed with a famous dog like me.   I reckon he had heard I was in Horse and Hound in September and wanted to bask in my media glow

Anthony seemed very pleased but Sam told me afterwards I have  an ego the size of a bus and I need to learn some humility ( hope its easier than those wraps Mark and Noah were doing )

There were lots of other dogs there but I think I was the best one because Sarah gave me a rosette and did some ear slides on me.

Sarah works with other famous dogs like Barney the new Blue Peter dog so I knew I was in good hands. She even has a Blue Peter Badge which I thought was pretty cool. I told Sarah I had a badge from when I went to Brownie Camp with the 7th Strood Brownies which I think she was secretly impressed about

Sam is trying to sort out my missing blogs at the moment , she is beyond useless and I had any sense I should have asked Sarah if she wanted to be my new PA and ditch Sam when I had the chance

Love Sirius xxxx


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