Big Doggie Do Saturday 27- Sun 28 June

This weekend I ran a Dogstar Stand at the Big Doggie Do in Milton Keynes

becasue it was such a big stand and it was over 2 days I roped in some helpers

Dogstars Mark and Sam plus thier dog Noah and Dogstar Supporter Wendy ( who sponsors Bumpy in Randeniya Temple ) and her dogs Sir H and Wiggle ( he has a blog here ) came to help me

can you spot the bottles of wine in the background , Sam donated them to raise money ( is she MAD giving away alochol )

Once I had finished I popped next door to tell Gina on the Oldies club how to run her stand

Then Sam came over and said I was a know it all ( she said that like it was a bad thing ) and gave me time out in a crate to do something called "thinking about my impact on others"

Lucky for me Noah was going into the ring to do have a go at agility with Angela from Dogs in Training and as I am of course an expert at agility I said I could come and in help him.

Here I am with Noah , Aisling , Wiggle and Wendy

we had to wait whilst the other dogs had a go first and Noah got bored

and he started to roll around

ouch Noah geddoff your squashing me

We watched Wiggle have a go , it was his first time and he was really good

and then Noah and I had a go ( Noah was really good as well )

After agility Noah , Sir H and I entered most Handsome male dog , we didn't win any prizes but Bob the Compere gave me a special mention :)

Sam counted up the money last night and said over 2 days they raised 260 pounds which would pay for 26 animals to be sterilised

now that's even more impressive than my performance in the agility Ring


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My Ruff Guide part 2

I am still working on my Ruff Guide and have done a map of the places I have been

I am going to check the web later ( all of it ) to see if there is a Rough Guide to Huddersfield

I am telling you there is a real gap in the market here


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My Morris Mates

Last Sunday I went to the Bowood Show with Sam and Mark and I set up the stand ( they are useless with out me ) I think it was my best one yet

I left them to run the stall ( its not like they do much else really ) and I decided to try my hand at Morris dancing

Of course I was brilliant and they wanted me to join the team , I had to break it to them that Sam and Mark needed me to carry on my roving ambassador work

So they decided to audition

First my mates Wiggle and Minnie

But both Wiggle and Minnie are busy dogs with Blogs as well

Wiggles Blog

Minnies Blog

Next up was Minnie's dad Rob who was fantastic and the Morris Men are going to dance at Robs music festival next year ( how cool does that sound )

Sam says the chappie on the left seems to have his hand sign the wrong way round !

Love Sirius xxx

P.s Thank you Mary and Ange for letting me use your photos ( Sam was rubbish and her camera was not working )


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As well as traveling the world and writing my ruff guides I have decided to join Twitter


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Intoducing Sirius Ruff Guides to the world

I travel around a lot and I have noticed books at the airport called Rough Guides that lots of my fellow travellers buy 

I have had a look in them and well they seem a bit pants, full of advice on how much hotels , restaurants and taxis  cost 

I have travelled the world for nearly 2 years and its never cost me anything so how can they write whole books about made up stuff like bar bills ? ( the photos are nice mind ) 

Sooo I have decided that in between being a travelling Ambassador , Pilot , yoga master, Pencil expert and general all round clever clogs I would give this travel guide author stuff a go 

Watch out for Sirius Ruff Guide to the world , coming soon to a blog near you 

Sirius xxxx 


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My holiday in Barbados - Part 2

Welcome back to my adventures in Barbados!

After sleeping off my excesses from the night before, we headed out for the day and went to the motor museum. I couldn't drive any of the cars so sat on the bonnets instead!

I tried out one of the old motorbikes but I seem to be facing the wrong way...

After all that motoring history, it was on to Rockley beach. Fabulous... more drinks! And some posing, beachside.

Nice beach, eh?!

In the bar, got caught up with another big fish - I was only trying to be friendly!

On Wednesday, we stopped for lunch at the Round House at Bathsheba. It was extremely windy and too risky for me to pose. There is a very big drop from the verandah!

In the afternoon, I spent some time playing on the beach by our apartment and found these sticky up things to sit on and admire the view across the beach. I think it used to be a jetty...

Back to surfside for more drinks and lunch. And a few more drinks! Very good!

Recovered enough to meet nice man selling jewellery on the beach. Chose on for Wendy. Hope she likes it.. (she does, thank you Sirius!!)

The next day, back at the apartment I was showing off but got my leg stuck. Ooops! Had to be rescued. Will definitely stop drinking...... Soon....

Back at rockley beach

I found treasure!

Well, perhaps not treasure, but actually a spade. I decided it was good for leaning on.

Fell off the wall and helped up by David.... Thank you!

.... Note to self: must stop drinking.


After all that excitement, I needed food!

Some monkeys vistied the apartment but they weren't keen to chat. How rude!!

We went visiting on Thursday evening and I made some new friends. Obviously, being such a handsome little chap, the ladies LOVED me!! And wanted to squeeze me. Ouch!

I didn't know why Peachy was laughing at Norma for being so smitten with me.....

All too soon my holiday was nearing the end. I did fit in a bit more R&R at the pool after finding a convenient pair of legs to lounge on while I dried out from a dip in the pool:

Just to make sure my tan was even, I rearranged myself on the lounger and had a little nap.....

All too soon it was time to go back to the airport and catch our plane back to England. Thank you John & Sally, David & Nadean and everyone I met in Barbados who made my holiday so fab. If a little drunken......!

Sirius xx

PS, Anyone want to get me checked in at The Priory??


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My Holiday in Barbados - Part 1

I arrived in Wiltshire with my travelling companions, John and Sally, to find that I'd been knitted some shorts! I'd also been knitted a man-bag and a Rasta hat, complete with detachable dreadlocks.

I had a feeling this little trip could turn out to be VERY exciting!

And sure enough, after getting up ever so early on Saturday morning, Wendy collected us all and drove us to Gatwick. We were heading for Barbados!!!

The inflight refreshments were to my liking, so I settled down for the long flight:

I *may* have got a little too settled. Or had a lunchtime drink. Then another little drink. Maybe too many drinks! Hic!

After all that, I needed a nap:

David and Nadean collected us from the airport. Boy it was hot!!

After freshening up, there was nothing for it but to head out for dinner and a few little drinkies to a beach bar called Zacchio's

The next day, I was sunbathing at the poolside.

Found a ginormous bottle of rum!

Then the rum found me!

Not very friendly cat back again but I'm not sharing the rum.

Back on the sunlounger to top up the tan


Monday we headed down to Surfside beach bar, a few more drinks!

I took some time out and sheltered under a palm tree for a rest....

After resting, it was back to the beach for another quick drink. You'll notice how I am adaptable to any environment and dress like a local!

Next I found a lamppost to swing off. Unfortunately got stuck and had to be rescued. It was fun though!

Found a bottle of local beer... it's good!

I noticed the sign that said they have Happy Hour here - the way this trip is going, it'll be happy hour all the way!

Then it was time for lunch of fishcakes and fries. Yummy.

Monday evening we went to the Ragamuffin for dinner. I didn't think I would be dinner when the Marlin found me. YIKES!

Back to the apartment to recover.....


Well, maybe until next time....

And talking of next time, I'll be back tomorrow with the next installment - I had such a busy time in Barbados that I have to blog in stages!!


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