Sirius visits Monkey World

Bright and early on Monday morning, Sirius' training for the London Marathon started in earnest. He headed of for a 'Boot Camp' in Dorset.
Where He was under the expert tutourledge of World Famous Monkey Rescuer Alison Cronin and Julio!!
After a quick introduction to his fellow athletes.

Alison decided that Sirius needed a bit of Military discipline as He was a bit slow at waking up in the morning!
even after Bertha had left!!

So sent him off for some good ole square bashing

and a bit of basic training

The training was fantastic and Sirius even managed to lose some weight

enough to spur him on to climb a tree, carefully watched over by Leah (Bonniebird's neice)
Sirius was a big hit in Dorset and fell head over heels in love with Robin and Maggie the owners of Deer Leap, the B&B where He stayed.
Well with boot camp over, Karen carefully stowed Sirius for his dash back to 'The Smoke'

Once back in London, Sirius had a bit of a 'Rocky Balboa' moment
and sang 'Eye of the Tiger' all the way to the top

As you can imagine all that physical exertion made Sirius a little bit whiffy, so a quick visit to the groomers was just the ticket

Sirius is now with his 'Running Partner' Nigel, but as always enroute Sirius decided to pop into The Tube and have a go at train driving

and even had a go at running the whole network
Sirius is now having some last minute coaching and is looking forward to his 5am start on Sunday. He wants to be right up front at the start.
Keep your eyes peeled on sunday! You may just catch sight of Sirius on TV as he whizzes around the Marathon route.


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Poosa in Egypt with Di and Jules (Part 2)

Hi, Poosa here, sorry it's taken me so long to update you all on the rest of my trip to Egypt. I didn't realise this 'roving ambassador' job would be so demanding!

I think this pair of hosts could have a drink problem you know. I'm doing my best to keep up but they seem to have hollow legs. I find its easier to cling onto the bottle and hope for the best!

Thought I'd give belly dancing a go and had a practice at wiggling me bits. I dont think i have the boobs for the outfit though!

Further down the markets i stumbled up on a rather crass bag shop specially for tourists... i have my eye on this bag

Whooopeeee more egyptian tat although slightly better quality as its alabaster cat tat! it glows in the dark too. i cant imagine it would look any better than it did in the light!!

I felt like the queen on the throne but again was reminded i was still playing with tourist tat. I enjoyed my moment tho

I found a little camel to ride and did my lawrence of arabia moment across the tat shop

Then i had a go of the water pipe. Didnt smell or taste like apple tobacco though!!

Suddenly the whole world got bigger, even the camel i was riding on....
Of course after my funny pipe, i felt i could tackle the world and i became invincible
or not as the case may be...

thankfully Anubis the god of the after life was on hand and reincarnation was possible. thankfully he managed it without the 70 day preserved in salt and removal of organs (in my case the beans in me bum) and got me straight back on my feet!A kind, and not so bad looking egyptian man checked me over and gave me a squidgy hug and sent me back on my way
After that i thought id take it easy... so we went to another tatty temple thats only half built to have a look at the pictures on the walls and colums
then a few days chilling by the pools where i met another roving ambassador called travelling ted. we hit it off and spent a lovely afternoon sharing a sun bed and shooting the breeze

I finally got to visit ACE, a local santuary where they rescue and treat ill dogs and cats and donkeys and goats and of course, in true tourist fashion, i got the t shirtOn our last night out, my so called guardians got drunk yet again, so i took the chance to take control and steer us to safety in the public ferry across the nile


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Sirius visits Joe (Boosboss) in London

Sirius arrived safely to me in London yesterday and had a quiet evening in. But when he awoke this morning there was snow everywhere and Sirius was very worried that many people and thier dogs may need his help. So he took it upon himself to take control of the rescue services making sure everyone stayed safe.

When Sirius was certain that all the safety precautions necessary were in place, He decided He'd like to do a little sightseeing.

So He got himself an Oyster card and hopped on the Tube.

Took in Liecester Square, where He giggled like crazy at some American tourists mispronunciation of it!!!

He did seem to feel like a kindred spirit to this chap

Sirius was a little overawed by the big lights of the Big City at Piccadilly

So took a little time out for a show and a little flirting with a couple of Girls in Blue (and Yellow!)

(Sirius doesn't think he'd look good in a half face mask, though modest as he is he was completly positive his singing would be up to scratch for the part! )

He then carried on his sightseeing tour (He's so pushy! "Take me here, take me there!")Admiralty Arch was one of his favourites, he says he thinks he should have his office there And RUN, can that boy run? All the way down The Mall! Me and Boo were out of breath (Just as well he's fit I suppose- what with the Marathon next week !)

When I told him The Queen lives here

He was a little confused, He said it looked very different from the last time he was at the House of Squiggs!

No time to rest on our laurels, once the changing of the guards had taken place he was off again.He wanted to challenge Big Ben to a race and just didn't get that an inanimate object couldn't run ( he was sure the last 'Ben' he'd met was four legged and furry!)

The popped around the corner to have a spin on the bubble wheel
He even took some time to interview some people that were making lots of noise about something they weren't happy about.
And finally had a moment with my namesake

Now Sirius needs to get into serious training mode, only a week until the MARATHON!!



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