the day we caught the train

finally Sam took me somewhere , sadly our first stop was her Mums house and Gracie Squirrel a monster that lives there lifted me out of Sam's Bag and tried to EAT ME

I played dead until Sam rescued me ( she took ages being useless as usual ) 

I got my own seat on the train , just as well as I was rather soggy after my run in with the beast at Sams Mums house 

when we got to london I was in charge of everything and well we sort of ended up in Soho ( gosh Sam how did that happen ? ) 

Sam said it was all too rude ( does she not know I am a dog of the world ) and we went for a walk around Leicester Square instead.  I tell you want if thats Priscillas shoe I don't want to meet her on a dark night down an alley ( okay it would have to be a flippin large alley but you get my drift ) 
I have no idea how Sam is getting us to Sri Lanka next week as I had to read the board to find us a train home 
Tomorrow afternoon I am going to a Cats Protection Spring Fair , I like Fairs and I like Cats but I am not sure its right to put springs on them ( won't they bounce everywhere ? )

Love Sirius xxxxxx


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Sam is useless but

Sam still has not sorted out my previous blogs but I am going to forgive her because she tells me that next week we are both going to Sri Lanka for 3 weeks 

just one thing 



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Dogstar Foundation - A little love in your heart

Sams made a video about Dogstar and love ( sounds a but girly to me but her heart is in the right place )

Only problem is I cannot find me in there ? I need to have words ...... SAM !


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