Sirius goes to the Craft Fair and does a Fashion Parade

I arrived at Sandra's after a busy weekend organising the Wiccaweys show, so I was glad to see that Sandra had ordered Pizza

She said I could have an easy time this trip, just as well, all this travelling can wear a dog out you know!

I did take some time to catch up on one of my favourite forums The Refuge (my fan club really!)

The next day we got in the car to head North, not all the way, just as far as her sister who lives in Middlesborough. It was a lovely day and we took time to appreciate the view that Sandra has every day going to work.

I had some travelling companions as well, which made the journey pass quickly

We stopped on the way for a little snack

We arrived at Karen's house and , as I was rather tired, went off to bed fairly early. Sandra said we had a hard day's shopping to do the next day..

Bright and early next day, we were off to the Craft Fair. It was very busy but thankfully Karen and Sandra had their priorities right and we had a coffee break before really getting stuck in.

That's Sandra's sister there in the pic along with Sandra's nieces little donkey friend who borrowed my scarf for the day.
Then we went shopping, boy do they like shopping. So much choice, I liked the look of this stall so I advised Sandra to purchase some items from here.

After the craft show we headed down to Birmingham because Sandra Had a meeting to go to for work, another day another hotel......

Back south again, with another stop off for a break, quite pretty this bit

I asked Sandra if she would do a fashion shoot for me as I have gathered quite a wardrobe. Well I am the stylish dog about town you know! Here the shots she managed, I am not quite sure she had the lighting right.....
The Scottish feel (this one is definatly Ingi's favourite!)
Flying Ace

Intrepid Explorer
Sports Star

Action Man

Casual look

Fancy Dress

Dr Who Groupie

Rugged Cowboy

Sandra pulled out all the stops and found me a horse as well!! Not as good as Lady T but not too bad.

Soon after that it was time for goodbyes and we went to meet Annie for my Pembrokeshire trip.
Both Poosa and I have lots of dates free in our diaries for next year. We'd love to come visit you and spread the word about the wonderful work that the Dogstar Foundation does in Sri Lanka.
If you'd like a visit please contact my long suffering P.A.


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Last day at HQ

I like planes , I know lots about them and have been to the RAF twice and sat on a Red Arrow so I am almost a pilot

I do like talking about planes ( and me ) so I asked Holly if she wanted to look at my airplane book . Holly is one of Sams UK dogs, Sam has all these 2nd dogs and cats that other people gave away because they did not want them anymore ( how silly are people sometimes ) and Sam took them because they needed a home. Holly is the smart dog in the house and she said she was busy counting sheep but I could try asking Salem the cat

Salem said he is more interested in sleeping in the sunny spot on the stairs than airplanes so he said we could ask Mr Tibbs

Mr Tibbs said he needed to groom himself and that takes hours so he suggested we ask Mark because Mark used to be in the air cadets

I reckon that was a long time ago but luckily my book is old as well

Mark was very interested in my book hoorah, and we talked about airplanes for ages

I also showed him a photo of me with 2 pilots I met on an Easyjet flight when I was with Natalie and Holly from the Dogs Trust

I asked Mark if we could show my book to Noah and Winnie , we called them over but they were more interested in me than the book

"oi Winnie watch where you put your nose"

As it was nearly time to leave I put on my PJs and went to say bye to Gertie

she got all humpy when I said I was leaving and would not talk to me

I don't think I understand women !

love Sirius xxx

P.s if you want me to come and visit you please email my PA the lovely Ingi at


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