Cats and Springs ?

Am pleased to say Sam had it wrong again and there were no cats with springs on at the fair

As well as being in charge of signage I also helped Sam and Mark raise enough money to vaccinate 15 cats or dogs. I don't know what they would do with out me ! 

Sam says we have to do our packing tomorrow , I have a new outfit that Sams Mum brought me :) 

Sirius xxx


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the day we caught the train

finally Sam took me somewhere , sadly our first stop was her Mums house and Gracie Squirrel a monster that lives there lifted me out of Sam's Bag and tried to EAT ME

I played dead until Sam rescued me ( she took ages being useless as usual ) 

I got my own seat on the train , just as well as I was rather soggy after my run in with the beast at Sams Mums house 

when we got to london I was in charge of everything and well we sort of ended up in Soho ( gosh Sam how did that happen ? ) 

Sam said it was all too rude ( does she not know I am a dog of the world ) and we went for a walk around Leicester Square instead.  I tell you want if thats Priscillas shoe I don't want to meet her on a dark night down an alley ( okay it would have to be a flippin large alley but you get my drift ) 
I have no idea how Sam is getting us to Sri Lanka next week as I had to read the board to find us a train home 
Tomorrow afternoon I am going to a Cats Protection Spring Fair , I like Fairs and I like Cats but I am not sure its right to put springs on them ( won't they bounce everywhere ? )

Love Sirius xxxxxx


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Sam is useless but

Sam still has not sorted out my previous blogs but I am going to forgive her because she tells me that next week we are both going to Sri Lanka for 3 weeks 

just one thing 



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Dogstar Foundation - A little love in your heart

Sams made a video about Dogstar and love ( sounds a but girly to me but her heart is in the right place )

Only problem is I cannot find me in there ? I need to have words ...... SAM !


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Did I mention Sam is useless ?

Did I mention Sam is useless , she still has not sorted out my Crufts blog for me so instead she said she would make me a wordcloud on Wordle. Word cloud I said what good is that , can you eat or drink it ?   I rest my case 

not only is it not edible or drinkable her name comes out as the thing I mention most in my blogs ( which just goes to show how useless she is ) 

any way if you click on it Sam says it gets bigger although I think her name is big enough thank you very much indeed 

Wordle: Sirius Dog Blog


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Sofa so good

Sam says I am going to Crufts this weekend with my Auntie Dee and a Muppet ( not sure which one I was not listening but I like Fozzie bear ) I went to Crufts a few years ago but its all changed now as it has something to do with DFS Sofas. Remember I said Sam was a bit dim well she once brought a DFS Sofa at full price ! 

I decided not to take all my clothes as I worried I might lose them down the back off all the sofas but I wanted to impress Auntie Dee and wear something new so I had a look at all my clobber 

ahhha I know what I will wear, I was playing strip poker ( don't tell Sam ) with a bear called Kings Cross or Marylebone or was it Charing Cross ? . Anyway I won the clothes off his little furry back and his bag and boots 

Auntie Dee I will see you on Friday 

Love Sirius xxxxx


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The Press Pack

Some bloke called Peter Hiscox BSc, BVSc, MRCVS volunteered with Dogstar last summer for a month( Sam called him Dr Pete because she is too thick to remember all those letters after his name ). Dr Pete wrote a article about his time working with Sam and Mo that has been published in the UK Veterinary Times  

Click on the page to read it full size 

Sam said it was fantastic and great press coverage for Dogstar , I think she has clearly forgotten Dogstar received some excellent press coverage last year when I was featured in Horse and Hound

Even Mark "boring as watching paint dry" Green had an article in his companies in house magazine so its just Sam that has never known the giddy heights of media fame and attention

Some of us can handle these things and some of us can't , Sam has her uses ( she answers my fanmail ) but she is not really a public facing figure like me :)

Whats that Sam ? I have an appointment this weekend at Crufts ? well don't just stand there then help me pack

Lots of love Sirius

Sam says if anyone wants more info about volunteering with Dogstar Foundation please email or visit our website


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Last Friday

I went out to london for a drink , sadly Sam and Mark decided they wanted to come as well ( they really cramp my style those two ) 

The whole night was a bit of a haze , it started off like this 

and ended like this 

I am pretty sure Sam and Marit were talking about something very important inbetween , buggered if I can remember what though. I will ask Sam tommorow ( she is useful for somethings ) and update the blog again once I know 

I think I have some more pictures of the night as well :) 

Love Sirius xxxxx


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Life on Dogstar

My name is Sirius Dogstar. I had an great weekend away and I woke up back at Dogstar HQ. Am I mad, in a coma, or back in time? Whatever's happened, it's like I've landed on a different planet . Now, maybe if I can work out the reason, I can get back on the party circuit.


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what would they do without me ?

Christmas and New Year at the pub was great but then Abby made the mistake of sending me back to HQ where Mark "thick as 2 short planks" Green managed to forget to pack me with his bags when he went to Sri Lanka to visit Sam ( and after all the hassle I went to get a new passport ) 

I was forced to hold the fort here and I did a rather good job of it as well if I do say so myself ( and I will say so because NO ONE ESLE gives me any credit ) 

While Sam was away and I was in charge Dogstar Foundation became a registered UK Charity number 1133431. I had a look at the Charities Commission website here but could see no mention of me which was odd. 

Then last week Dogstar became a WSPA Member Society, Mark said Sam had worked very hard with Mo and the team in Sri Lanka to achieve this.  I suspect really what happened is WSPA saw photos of me in in my WSPA tee shirt when I was  neutered last year and can see I lead by example ( actually Sam made me do it but don't tell WSPA that ) 

Sam is back from Sri Lanka now and tells me I have a another Wedding to attend his weekend which sounds more fun than running her Charity for her ( she does nothing I tell you nothing ) Sam has promised to get me to the Church in time ( about time she did something ) so I will hopefully update you soon on my adventures 



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