Poosa's Adventures in Florida

I arrived in Bedfordshire to be told I was going to Florida! So I decided to do some quick reading up, unfortunately the book was rather big and I was short on time so it looked like I was going to have to wing it!

We spent the night before we flew in a hotel in Manchester, I was bunking up with Tom apparently the budget would stretch to me having my own room! Me..... a celebrity..... having to share! We got no sleep what with the planes taking off at all hours and the squishy beds so it was a sober and tired Poosa that set off to Manchester airport at 7am!

And so we hit our first theme park Epcot, it was hot over 30 degrees I thought I was going to pass out with the heat, but Tom offered to carry me about, which was nice even though it only lasted 10 minutes

I queued up to try my first thrill ride I was so scared I tried to escape but the fence was just too high for a small cat to scale!
Back on terra firma a got acquainted with Dopey who was a fun chap although alas a bit dim!

Then it was back to the condo looking like a typical English tourist...........

But all was forgiven when the booze started flowing and it was a drunken but happy Poosa that passed out a few hours later

Next we did a dinner show Medieval Times, we had to cheer for the red & yellow knight who lost, which was no surprise really........

He was a real miserable chap and looked distinctly Hawaiian so much for being medieval English!

I decided to try out a Harley Davidson with Tom, I was hoping for the open road the wind in my fur but instead I got to sit on it in a shop, I was beside myself with disappointment...............

And then it was on to Seaworld where we met Shamu

After lunch I did a spot of sunbathing , well lounging around at least by this point I’d walked my paws off!

At Universal Studios I kept hearing talk of this cat in the hat, but I wasn’t wearing a hat and then to my utter shock and surprise it turns out there is this other cat that thinks he’s more important than me well........!!!!!!!!

We soon sorted him out and I was then crowned The Cat in The Hat!

To celebrate we let out all the animals

We then met Jaws who tried to eat me

And so ended my day at Universal Studios

I was so tired I tried hitching a lift off a gorilla but he was very uncooperative

So instead I went and met the Bubba Gump Shrimp who was good enough to eat

Next we met the main man, the big cheese, he’s nowhere near as impressive as me!

At Bausch Gardens we fed the Lorikeets, they were getting a bit too friendly for my liking I’ll tell you
We finished off Bausch Garden with me getting my portrait done, lots of people asked why a small stuffed cat was having her portrait done so everyone was told that I am infact a very very important cat and that I’m an emmisary of Dogstar spreading the word of their work, everyone was impressed!
And then I was back in cold, dreary England and being packed up ready for my next adventure.......
I had such a wonderful time with Nic and family... if you'd like to book a Sirius or Poosa visit then please just contact ingipops@dogstarfoundation.com


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Sirius visits West wales

After a long journey along the M4 and beyond, we arrived at Little Dumpledale in Pembrokeshire.

"SO what's the deal here then? Is there booze?"

This is my mate Sid who promises he won't let the others eat me. I hope he's not fibbing!!

We visited St Govans Chapel and boy am I glad I didn't have to walk down all those steps as I hitched a lift in the camera bag.

The view was really good

Oiii! missus, do you mind?

Porthgain was pretty too so I did a bit of posing

Well this sightseeing is all very well but I'd heard about the famous party nights at Little Dumpledale and there was a whisper that some Beastly Beasts were going to be there. Hope their table manners are good.

The night of the party arrived and as we were in wales I just had to wear my dragon outfit. Annie made banoffee pie and I promised not to touch (Is there alcohol in a banoffee pie?)
Couldn't decide whether I was in a beer or wine mood so we took both to the party.

It got better, there was sossidges on offer :) More dogs to meet too. This one wanted to eat me!

This one cuddled me..

This one let me hitch a ride :)

I found myself a friend too who was ever so friendly

Not quite sure where this brood appeared from *grins*

Many, many glasses later I don't quite know what went on, first I posed with Andy, then Carol (yoohoo auntie Iris! I can see you behind), messed around a bit then met with Gill of these Beastly Beasts. Turns out it's the dogs who are the beasts! Boy was I relieved LOL

Oi, Gill I'm not a rabbit you know

Needless to say we didn't hear a peep out of Sirius on the way home as he travelled asleep in a dark place on account of his *delicate* head*
Lovely to spend time with you again Sirius, Happy travelling!


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