The best of times, the worst of times

Okay so its day 4 and no Passport but Sam says she has arranged a new one , I can only presume she finally stopped waffling about ebay and rang the British Bear Passport Office.

Really great news my friends Abby & Kev from the best pub in the world Tafarn Dwynant  have invited me to stay over Christmas and New Year and as its in Wales I can go without my Passport

The bad news , the really really bad news is Sam said it was time a had a bath. Now I told her I one in November and she said I but did not count as it was November 2008 ( she really gets hung up on details that one )

Once she gets an idea in her head there is no flipping stopping her so before bed she made me get in the bath

it started off okay

but then Mark turned up the shower

and nearly flipping drown me

then they did my back

and my front

and I hung out with my duck pals

and then just hung out

Sooner I can dry out and get out of here the better


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