Poosa in Sri Lanka ( Part 2 )

After my exciting journey I was even more excited when I found out I was working with Elephants at the Millennium Elephant Foundation ( MEF ) a Charity in Sri Lanka that looks after unwanted and sick elephants

They get a bath every day , I am glad I am not an elephant as I am not that keen on baths myself. This is my with Laskhmi and her Mahout Jaya

They didn't have any sponges ( how odd ) instead they used coconut shells, ooh well when in Rome ( or Sri Lanka as the case may be )

Then I got to say Hello to A Menike who is very old and has poorly legs and walks very S L O W but she is very friendly and likes cats
A Menike also brings a snack with her to the river ( my kinda girl )

I also helped with making dough balls , inside Sam and the other volunteers hide the elephants medicine but don't tell the elephants as its a secret

after the daily vet check up Rani gave me little ride, she is 9 foot tall so I had to hold on very tight

I decided to see if I could find any animals more my size, this is Stumpy ( he has 3 legs ) and he lives at MEF , Dogstar ensure he gets all his vaccinations so he is happy and healthy

Stumpy has a few Friends living with him at MEF, this is Colin and if I am honest he is a bit dim ( but lovely ) we did some roaching together in the sun

But it was all to much for Colin and he had to have a sleep

for my last few days I went to a Beach near the airport , it was very posh and they even had fishes on the breakfast plates. Sadly they were made of wood :(

I decided that the Captain could dine alone as I didn't fancy lumpy rice and lumpy curry !

So I hit the town and had a drink

or 2
then I found Sri Lankas poshest loos

and maybe rudest as well ( I thought it was the ladys but well ooh eer missus )

If anyone else is going on holiday in 2009 and fancies a little pal to help them check out the local loos then please email ingi@dogstarfoundation.com

Love Poosa x x x x


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oh Balls

Hi Blog Fans

Sirius Dogstar here.

As you may be aware I am heading off to Sri Lanka this month with Di to spend a few weeks helping out at Dogstar Foundation clinics. Where I will be assisting Sam, Di and the vets to continue the magnificent work being carried out by the Dogstar Foundation. I'm a hardworking little dog and am looking forward to this wonderful opportunity, or at least I WAS looking forward to it until I had a bombshell dropped on me today

It would appear my 'time' has come

I've now been a roving ambassador for a year and a half and as I'm no longer a puppy the "kind" folks at Dogstar have decided to do the responsible thing it's time for me to get the chop ... i.e get NEUTERED !!!!!!!!

I have (very bravely agreed to have my operation and recuperation photographed.... and I will post the pictures on The Refuge and in my blog in return for a small donation to the Dogstar Foundation.

The donations will pay for the treatment and neutering of many many animals who are in need of our help.

I'd also be obliged if you would send me 'please don't hurt' thoughts on the actual day of my op

Thanks in advance


P.s donations can be made via Paypal@dogstarfoundation.com
or email Marlk@dogstarfoundation.com for bank details


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Poosa in Sri Lanka ( Part 1 )

This Christmas I went to stay at Sam and Marks house (Dogstar HQ) I thought that was pretty exciting but on Christmas morning we got up at silly O’clock (6 am) and drove to Heathrow Airport because Sam said we were going to Sri Lanka

We checked in and I got my own tag :)

Because Sam is a frequent flyer we checked in at First Class, I got very excited until Sam said were still flying Economy

To cheer me up she took me to have breakfast at Garfunkels

Then once we went past all the security bits we got to Sirius favorite part of the Airport Duty Free. Sirius is flying out to Sri Lanka in a few weeks with Di ( I like Di she took me to Egypt last year ) Sirius asked me to check out the booze for him

I think this is very Sirius :)

I found a sign for babycare but could not see anything for Poosacare ? So I decided to ask around

The Paddington tribe had no idea but they did share a Marmalade sandwich with me

The Borders bookshop Bear had no idea either

And the cat at Harrods had clearly been on the sauce and was no use at all

We had a look around for books to read on the plane

This one did not make it into our basket! ( poor Grandma )

It was nearly time to get on the plane and I had to have a wash (flipping Marmalade made my paws sticky) I even had a quick blow dry

I got very excited when I saw our plane ( I knew it was ours as it had the same name on it as my tag )

We had to change planes at somewhere called Dubai , we had a few Hours to spare so Aisling ( Sams kitten ) took me for an mini explore

It was a long way to the other plane so I hitched a ride

On the next plane I had a cat nap and Sam said when I woke up we would be there

To be continued……


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The Italian Connection

I always have such a lovely time with Marge, she's such a good host! Here's what she says about the fabulous trip we took to Italy.

Late in December 2008 Sirius set off once more on a great adventure to the Calabria region of southern Italy. to be honest he was a little jaded from all his Christmas excesses and was looking for some quality time "on the piste"

.After a memorable flight with a rookie pilot and an even more memorable landing during which the plane almost barrel rolled in every direction possible, then bounced on the runway, Sirius was more than ready to chill out.

First stop was the lower slopes and checking out the skihire hut.

After deciding this was not for him, Sirius found something he did enjoy...... Sledging.

Oh what "fun" he had hurtling at supersonic speeds towards both trees and spectators alike.! Only the shouts of of Pisto (Or as he liked to say, Pesto!) made them run for cover.

Next was the wonderfully peaceful ascent on the bucket lift, gliding over the treetops to the to the top of Monte Botte Donato where the snow was deeper.

Sirus was so excited to see the huge gleaming snowplough that he tripped and fell head first into it's path. Luckily no damage to the brave chap.

Next, a lovely time was had making tracks in the snow and then onto making a snow bear. (Well he's too little to make a man).

With just enough time to sit on the top of the well (Yes he did nearly fall in!)

then grab a quick pizza in the bar, it was time to bid a fond farewell to the mountain and get ready for the evening's new year party.

The Brillo pub is set by the lakeside and gave us a warm welcome to see in 2009. At midnight champagne and fireworks were in plentiful supply, and Sirius took full advantage of the hospitality.

He enjoyed the Italian cake, as well as the good company and joind in several congas round the bar.

A good time was had by all!
Sirius was happy to get on the plane home, but not before he was frisked at the airport by a security guard (complete with guns!) who checked him thoroughly for any hidden contraband. Needless to say,there wasn't any!He is so looking forward to his next (warm) trip. "

Thanks so much to Marge for being a fantastic host to Sirius yet again!

Please contact Ingi should you wish to book either a Sirius or Poosa visit in 2009! ( ingipops@dogstarfoundation.com )


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