Poosa's biker holiday, part 3

on the way to france

It is 900 miles to france we are going to stay at a bikers hotel called route 66 they have a website if you type in google route66 bikers hotel france you can see it.

We arrived at the hotel early and I met uncle harry he is very nice we had a lazy day as we were tired as it turned out we had three lazy days only going out on the bikes once we had a bbq and I met some hells angel type bikers from Guernsey wherever that is and they let off some fireworks at the bbq I helped uncle harry fix his American car it’s a buick and its very nice but best of all I met a boyfriend he is a teddy bear called monsuir bear we had a holiday romance

on the steering wheel of unclr harrys buick

fixing the buick

in the buick

on the bumper of the buick

on uncle harrys harley Davidson

on the harley

in the bar of the hotel

on a my size motorbike

my boyfriend

my boyfriend again

uncle harry and me

on the back of uncle steves Suzuki

on uncle steves bike

We set off for Calais and the special train that goes under the sea it was 400 miles and we got there at 6:00pm and I had my picture taken by the sign before we got on the train.

at the eurotunnel station in france

in the van on the special train

in the van on the train again

last one on the train

We got back to England half an hour before we set off don’t know how we managed that the train must be really really fast from thjere we never stopped until we had dropped off uncle matthew and got all the way home to uncle steves at 01:30 am we were very tired and were soon in bed asleep I had a great time and uncle steve said ican go with him again on holiday I would like that very much



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Poosa's biker holiday, part 2

We had to get up early to get off the boat we got off at 8 in the morning and you know what we had to drive on the wrong side of the road, well it was a long day it was until 6 in the afternoon to get to uncle joes where it was very hot I was told I was now on the costa del sol.

We had a relaxing day and went to the shops and the beach and uncle steve bought me a new t shirt with espana on it

new t shirt at the beach

Uncle steve and uncle matthew had taken their motorbikes in the van and today we went for a ride to a place called ronda in the mountains I loved riding on the bike and had my picture taken outside the bullring with a bull

outside the bullring with a bull I was protesting about bullfighting being bad but I don’t think anyone was listening as I don’t speak spasnish

Today we are going on the motorbike to a place called gibralter which is a rock from Britain with monkeys

in spain with the rock of Gibraltar behind

outside burger king in Gibraltar

in st micheals cave Gibraltar

in st micheals cave Gibraltar

in the great siege tunnels Gibraltar

in a jug of sangria in Gibraltar

in bed in the queens hotel Gibraltar

While I was in Gibraltar I saw Africa across the straits of Gibraltar I went in a cave and saw some monkeys but I had to stay in the car so they didn’t kidnap me we were on a tour of Gibraltar in uncle charlies taxi he new everything about Gibraltar uncle steve bout me a nice pink waistcoat with Gibraltar written on it

Then we left gibralter to ride back to uncle joes on the bike but we went a long way round to have a ride on the bike we did 250 miles it was great

Then we went out on the bikes uncles matthew joe and steve and aunty janet we went very fast for a very long way after in the evening we visited a café in toremolinos which has a secret cave below it I had my picture taken

in the cave below the café

This is the very exciting bit of my holiday I am going to jerez de la frontera on the motorbike with everybody to watch someone called valentino rossi win a race it is called the moto gp and it is 150 miles away uncle steve said we were doing over 160 miles an hour am I the fastest ever cat on a bike

at the race with my air horn

at the race circuit

After we got home from the races we went out for a meal

at the meal with uncle joe and aunty janet (joe is the one with a moustache)

on the roof terrace at uncle joes

more on the roof terrace

and more


and another

Then we set off for france I will miss uncle joe and aunty janet they are lucky to live here


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Poosa's biker holiday, part 1

Today my new uncle steve took me to pick up my new uncle matthew from Barnsley it was 63 miles to uncle matthews and we went in the van it turned out I would be doing lots of miles in the van lots of miles on a boat more lots of miles very fast on a motorbike and some more miles on a train that goes under the sea, the plan was that on Saturday we were getting up very early to drive 250 miles to Portsmouth to get on a uge boat that would take us all the way to a place called bilbao which uncle steve said was in spain, we set off on the boat on Saturday night and would not be getting there until Monday morning bilbao must be a very long way, from bilbao we were driving 600 miles to stay in a place called benalmadena with a nuther new uncle called joe and aunty janet, uncle steve said I would be going to gibralter and to the motorbike races at jerez de la frontera I thought we would be going home then but it turns out after a week at uncle joes I was going to france to stay at uncle harrys he has a hotel in a place called brassiere poitreveine I think that’s how you spell it it is 900 miles from uncle joes after we have stayed there for a few days we are driving 400 miles to Calais and getting a train that goes under the sea to folkstone then its 300 miles home via uncle matthews house to drop him off I am really excited now, uncle matthew is very nice, I am going to enjoy my holiday

We set off to Portsmouth at 7:30 am and arrived there at dinner time our ferry wasn’t leaving until about 8 pm so uncles matthew and steve took me to see some things in Plymouth, see the pictures of my holiday

shows me at the spinacre tower in Portsmouth

being fired from a cannon at the navel dockyards

in front of hms victory

with lord nelson

hms victory again

as a sailor

in a boat

Then we went to the pub for tea mixed grill and a pint not exactly cat food but it was good, then we went to get on the boat it is very big and white.

me in my sleeping bag in the cabin on the boat

I made some friends in the duty free shop on the boat

I went to a talk in the boats cinema about whales and dolphins there are a lot of these in the sea on the way to spain

I played uncle steve at chess on the top deck of the boat
here I have him in check mate

in the childrens play room on the boat it was great fun

Now I don’t know how uncle steve managed it but he managed to get someone to take me onto the bridge of the ship and have a go at driving the boat here are the pics

in the captains chair

with the important peoples hats

driving the boat

being the lookout

It was great fun on the bridge I am very lucky!


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