My name is Poosa ( thats Sinhala for cat ) I have been helping out at Dogstar Head Office in the UK with sorting out all the lovely Sri Lankan Paper Products Sam sells to raise money for the Dogstar Foundation ( they are made from elephant poo and recycled paper in a factory in Sri Lanka )

Whilst I was here I was reading up on the work Dogstar do helping dogs and CATS
in Sri lanka

The leaflet said they had a website http://www.dogstarfoundation.com/ so I had a look at that as well

and then I found this blog

I saw that Sirius the travelling dog was looking for help, so many people want to take him on holiday with then he could not keep up with his blogging and he was looking for help so I volunteered and I am going to give this travelling lark a go when Sirius is very busy
Paul at Wiccaweys Border Collie and Working Sheepdog Rescue http://www.wiccaweys.com/ who helped Sam design the website and made Dogstar's Logo has made one for me ( he is a nice bloke )
and one of me with Sirius
My first official trip as Sirius's Deputy is going to be visiting Wiccaweys HQ ( sounds very exciting )
I have spoken with Sirius, he is happy I am helping but said something about having seniority for trips with mini bars ! Sirius is busy packing for his Holiday with Terri and Pete ( he has travelled with them before ) he told me is making sure he takes the essentials ( what ever that means )
My first Official trip as Sirius Deputy is going to be visiting Wiccaweys HQ , it sounds very exciting but Sirius says he has heard they don't have a minibar
If you would Sirius or me to visit you have to email a lady called Ingi who looks after our travel arrangements Ingi@dogstarfoundation.com
Poosa xxx

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