A day at Duxford

Aeroplanes! I like planes! I have, as I'm sure you know, a background in aviation (see my earlier blogs).

Matt likes planes, too, so we went off to Duxford, the Imperial War Museum, where they have lots and lots of planes. Matt knew a lot less about the exhibits than me, but was grateful to learn from my experience and wisdom in all things aeronautical.

I got to try out lots of things:

An ejector seat (but I was a bit small for it)

A combustion chamber

A wind tunnel!!! Look at my ears fly!

I had a rest on this comfy thing until Claire pointed out it was a missile. Eeek.

I was, of course, the role model for Biggles

And, as such, I earned my place in the hero's gallery. This plinth is reserved for my bronze bust, just as soon as they've finished it. I'm told they're having problems modelling my ears. No idea why, I have quite normal ears. For a Wing Commanding Dog.

I tried a few of the weapons

And did a bit of communicating

Defended our beaches

And posed for my fans

Then it was back to the cottage to catch up with the days news and to have a swift drink.

This was my last day with Matt and Claire.... the following day I met up with Sue (in the pub, of course) and my adventures will continue with her.

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