Sirius visits Wiggle & Sir H

After travelling through the night, Sirius arrived bright and early in Wiltshire on Wednesday morning. Wiggle was keen to say hello but slightly jealous at the extent of Sirius's wardrobe!

Sir H was still in bed, having a lie-in, so Sirius joined him for a nap. He was still in his PJ's, after all ....

I'd made plans to go and pick up our friend Sarah in Bristol as we were going out for the day, so Sirius rode up front, as navigator and co-pilot!

After our quick stop in Bristol we were back on the road, crossing over the Severn Bridge into Wales

I think Sirius was rather excited when he saw our destination - a whole store full of food and toys!!

Sirius had a go at pushing the trolley but needed a little help as it was a bit heavy for a little chap

Being a sociable fella, Sirius stopped for a chat with some of the locals...

Then after our shopping was done, we headed back to Bristol, going underneath the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge

After a little rest, Sirius sat and had a chat with Wiggle, telling him all about his busy day

Sirius was overjoyed to find where the booze was hidden but unfortunately over-indulged slightly...

... while Wiggle looked on, unimpressed.

After sleeping off his excesses, Thursday was another trip out, this time to Bristol to help my mum and I with our Christmas shopping. We took Sirius to the newly opened Cabot Circus shopping centre. The signs were big, even to a little furry fella!

Sirius was feeling a little fragile after his raid on the drinks cupboard the night before, so started off with a reviving coffee

Refreshed and raring to go, Sirius was quick to check out the animal themed Christmas decorations

Then it was time to get on with the shopping, so of course with Sirius being such a well dressed chap, his help choosing a present for my dad was invaluable!

While Sirius was feeling playful and having a game of hide & seek, he realised he too would look good in a red jumper with a snowflake on the front

Modelling his new jumper, Sirius tried to persuade us to take him to lunch at Raymond Blanc's restaurant...

But we had no time for rest, we had shopping to do!

After all that tiring shopping, Sirius was pleased to get home and have a little rest in Wiggle's bed

Tonight Sirius will be having an early night as we are off up to the Lake District first thing in the morning. Sirius will no doubt have plenty to report after his weekend away.

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