oh Balls

Hi Blog Fans

Sirius Dogstar here.

As you may be aware I am heading off to Sri Lanka this month with Di to spend a few weeks helping out at Dogstar Foundation clinics. Where I will be assisting Sam, Di and the vets to continue the magnificent work being carried out by the Dogstar Foundation. I'm a hardworking little dog and am looking forward to this wonderful opportunity, or at least I WAS looking forward to it until I had a bombshell dropped on me today

It would appear my 'time' has come

I've now been a roving ambassador for a year and a half and as I'm no longer a puppy the "kind" folks at Dogstar have decided to do the responsible thing it's time for me to get the chop ... i.e get NEUTERED !!!!!!!!

I have (very bravely agreed to have my operation and recuperation photographed.... and I will post the pictures on The Refuge and in my blog in return for a small donation to the Dogstar Foundation.

The donations will pay for the treatment and neutering of many many animals who are in need of our help.

I'd also be obliged if you would send me 'please don't hurt' thoughts on the actual day of my op

Thanks in advance


P.s donations can be made via Paypal@dogstarfoundation.com
or email Marlk@dogstarfoundation.com for bank details

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