Sirius gets the chop

They say every dog has his day and Saturday 24th of January 2009 appeared to be mine

I arrived at the Dogstar Clinic in Rambukkana and was booked in

Sam said before I could have any thing done I had to have a check up with the Vet , I was a tad worried ( I think it shows in this photo )

Then I met my surgeon Doctor Dangolla , cripes what is he going to do with those gloves *gulp*

never mind the gloves what the heck are all those sharp things

Then he gave me an injection

and I was out for the count

I am so glad I was sleeping for this bit

and this bit

and very glad I was sleeping when he started sewing me back up !!!!

Faithful readers will be pleased to hear that I have recovered from my ordeal but I am telling you it left me needing a drink .........

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  1. Val, on 24 February 2009 at 09:04 said:

    Awwww poor Sirius. Still you are setting a very good example :)