Big Doggie Do Saturday 27- Sun 28 June

This weekend I ran a Dogstar Stand at the Big Doggie Do in Milton Keynes

becasue it was such a big stand and it was over 2 days I roped in some helpers

Dogstars Mark and Sam plus thier dog Noah and Dogstar Supporter Wendy ( who sponsors Bumpy in Randeniya Temple ) and her dogs Sir H and Wiggle ( he has a blog here ) came to help me

can you spot the bottles of wine in the background , Sam donated them to raise money ( is she MAD giving away alochol )

Once I had finished I popped next door to tell Gina on the Oldies club how to run her stand

Then Sam came over and said I was a know it all ( she said that like it was a bad thing ) and gave me time out in a crate to do something called "thinking about my impact on others"

Lucky for me Noah was going into the ring to do have a go at agility with Angela from Dogs in Training and as I am of course an expert at agility I said I could come and in help him.

Here I am with Noah , Aisling , Wiggle and Wendy

we had to wait whilst the other dogs had a go first and Noah got bored

and he started to roll around

ouch Noah geddoff your squashing me

We watched Wiggle have a go , it was his first time and he was really good

and then Noah and I had a go ( Noah was really good as well )

After agility Noah , Sir H and I entered most Handsome male dog , we didn't win any prizes but Bob the Compere gave me a special mention :)

Sam counted up the money last night and said over 2 days they raised 260 pounds which would pay for 26 animals to be sterilised

now that's even more impressive than my performance in the agility Ring

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