My Holiday in Barbados - Part 1

I arrived in Wiltshire with my travelling companions, John and Sally, to find that I'd been knitted some shorts! I'd also been knitted a man-bag and a Rasta hat, complete with detachable dreadlocks.

I had a feeling this little trip could turn out to be VERY exciting!

And sure enough, after getting up ever so early on Saturday morning, Wendy collected us all and drove us to Gatwick. We were heading for Barbados!!!

The inflight refreshments were to my liking, so I settled down for the long flight:

I *may* have got a little too settled. Or had a lunchtime drink. Then another little drink. Maybe too many drinks! Hic!

After all that, I needed a nap:

David and Nadean collected us from the airport. Boy it was hot!!

After freshening up, there was nothing for it but to head out for dinner and a few little drinkies to a beach bar called Zacchio's

The next day, I was sunbathing at the poolside.

Found a ginormous bottle of rum!

Then the rum found me!

Not very friendly cat back again but I'm not sharing the rum.

Back on the sunlounger to top up the tan


Monday we headed down to Surfside beach bar, a few more drinks!

I took some time out and sheltered under a palm tree for a rest....

After resting, it was back to the beach for another quick drink. You'll notice how I am adaptable to any environment and dress like a local!

Next I found a lamppost to swing off. Unfortunately got stuck and had to be rescued. It was fun though!

Found a bottle of local beer... it's good!

I noticed the sign that said they have Happy Hour here - the way this trip is going, it'll be happy hour all the way!

Then it was time for lunch of fishcakes and fries. Yummy.

Monday evening we went to the Ragamuffin for dinner. I didn't think I would be dinner when the Marlin found me. YIKES!

Back to the apartment to recover.....


Well, maybe until next time....

And talking of next time, I'll be back tomorrow with the next installment - I had such a busy time in Barbados that I have to blog in stages!!

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  1. Sam, on 3 June 2009 at 23:23 said:

    Sirius I am not sure what made me smile more, your hat or man bag

    Cannot wait untill part 2