My Morris Mates

Last Sunday I went to the Bowood Show with Sam and Mark and I set up the stand ( they are useless with out me ) I think it was my best one yet

I left them to run the stall ( its not like they do much else really ) and I decided to try my hand at Morris dancing

Of course I was brilliant and they wanted me to join the team , I had to break it to them that Sam and Mark needed me to carry on my roving ambassador work

So they decided to audition

First my mates Wiggle and Minnie

But both Wiggle and Minnie are busy dogs with Blogs as well

Wiggles Blog

Minnies Blog

Next up was Minnie's dad Rob who was fantastic and the Morris Men are going to dance at Robs music festival next year ( how cool does that sound )

Sam says the chappie on the left seems to have his hand sign the wrong way round !

Love Sirius xxx

P.s Thank you Mary and Ange for letting me use your photos ( Sam was rubbish and her camera was not working )

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