Sirius does Wales (or not!)

Having just literally arrived in Wales I was told to not bother unpacking, as we were about to jump in the car heading for a weekend away in Oxfordshire. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I had just come from England and had hoped for somewhere a little more exotic this time.

After a two hour drive we arrived at a farm which I thought was a little strange. Amy explained to me that this was Cotswold View a camping and caravanning park. I was intrigued, as I had never been camping before. Much to me delight Sam had sent on ahead my very own tent and sleeping bag!!

After I quickly assembled my own tent I went about instructing Amy and Lynne on how to set up there’s. Honestly such a performance with such an easy task!! I just don’t know how they would have coped if I hadn’t been there.

Soon lots of other people started to arrive and I learned that this was infact the Oldies Club camping weekend. Oldies Club is a dog rescue, run solely by volunteers, that specialises in rescuing and rehoming older dogs - aged 7 years plus. I was thrilled to find out that lots of them were from The Refuge forum and that must mean they were all my fans!! I felt like a bit of a celebrity. I even had my own private form of transport courtesy of Louie so I didn’t have to get my paws dirty

After we had all set up and said our hellos we decided on going for a walk and stretching our legs. I agreed walking at this point was probably a good idea and Louie racing around would have been a bit of a bump ride. The park is 54 acres in size and had wonderful path to walk full of long grass and wonderful smells. I found a tree where I could get a great view.

The next day the fun began. We had a very early start courtesy of the local bird population. I was quite glad and this point I wasn’t hung-over. After having a lovely breakfast I learnt that we were bring and buy sale and fun agility to help raise funds. I was rather excited and got into organiser mode.

I kept an eye on the money whilst every perused the offerings. There were several tempting items but I hadn’t brought any pocket money with me

In the afternoon we had agility. There was a tunnel; jumps and a set of weave pools. There was a competition to see who could go through the course the quickest. Sadly only being a tiny dog I didn’t win a rosette but it was a lot of fun. All the dogs young and old enjoyed it. Here you can see Snoopy one of the Oldies Club sponsor dogs being bribed through the tunnel with a biscuit!!

In the evening after an enjoyable day we had a barbecue. Everyone gathered around the gazebo relaxing, eating and more importantly drinking!!! I will admit that I may have got slightly carried away.

In my haze I was sure that I met some celebrities. Thankfully Amy had her camera out so I have the proof that it was just drunken wonderment but true honest fact!! I may have thought told Wonder Woman I loved her, eek!!

Sunday morning is I admit a bit of a blur. I went to lie down in the back of the car whilst everyone packed up. I must have dozed off as when I woke up with a much clearer head I was back in Wales!! It was a really enjoyable camping trip and I wonder if they will invite me again.

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