Flyball and Fotos

In August I went to the National Flyball Championships with Alpha Dogz and Sunnyside Photography ( they kindly sponsor the Dogstar volunteer Tee shirts in Sri Lanka ) So Sam said I had to be reaaaaaally good and not show Dogstar up.

As if I WOULD ! 

Anyway Cathie who is not as boring as Sam said I could do some Flyball, help with the Photography and PARTY.

The flyball is a bit harder than it looks , its a flippin long way up to get the ball when you are only 7 inches tall and well I don't the point really because non of the dogs looked like they actually played Tennis ? 

I said I would be the box loader, I kept an eye out for any passing any famous Tennis players who might need some balls  ( they have strawberries and cream and champagne at Tennis you know ) but no luck 

I did have my own team kit which I thought was waaaay cooler than anyone elses 

did I mention how cool Cathie is ? she has sweets but they are not normal boring sweets they have Vodka in them 

I was really helpful and told Cathie I would look after them , honestly Cathie I have no idea why they were all gone when you came back *hic* 

Then Cathie said I to do some work ( bum ) and my job was to raise money for Dogstar with a guess how sweeties in the jar competition. I think Cathie was a bit wise to me as none of the sweeties in the jar were vodka ones ( double bum ) 

I soldiered on and raised £116 pounds for Dogstar which Sam says will pay for 11 dogs to be sterilised and given important injections like anti Rabies 

I helped John a lot with the photo editing as well , The winners were a team called Bassett Hotdogs , they were very good at the old tennis ball collecting lark but none of them had any Vodka Jellies so I reckon Alpha Dogz are a better bet for me 

John is quite clever at taking photos but I thought I would offer him some of my top tips like "remember to take the lens cap off first", I think he was pleased but Sam says I still have to work on my "people skills" what ever they are ( sound boring ) 

I liked it a lot with Alpha Dogz and Sunnyside Photography and I hope I can visit them again next year 

Love Sirius

P.s Sorry its taken so long to get these photos posted Sams a bit crap at the PA role 

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