I'm a celebrity get me outta here

okay so day 5 and no new passport but on the bright side I had recovered from my ( totally unnecessary ) bath and Sam said I had to pick a selection of my clothes ready to travel to Abbys Pub by something  called Royal Mail Special Delivery

Once I had sorted out what clothes I wanted to take ( and Sam was no help yet again ) she started nagging saying I better pick out something to wear so Abby does not see my bear behind ,  she thought "bear behind" t was really funny by the way !

I love my Biggles outfit but no passport means no planes :(

As its Wales I did think about my dragon but I was saving that for new years

Sam said its too cold for just my WSPA tee shirt

even with my snowflake scarf

 my blue hoody coat is nice but a bit thin

And Sam said my feather boa was just plain silly ( she is BORING )

my butlins red coat could work

love my easy jet top but it made me think of planes and my missing passport

Sam said I looked like a missing member of the  Village people when I put my firedog outfit on

all these clothes and nothing to wear , hang on Sam whats that ? you have a new outfit for me ?

oooh thats nice maybe you are not totally useless after all ........

To be continued ............

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