Welcoooooome to Waaaaaales!

Snow! Yes, it has followed me across country to the far wilds of Wales! I am reporting direct from Tafarn Dwynant, my pub home from home, my Christmas hideaway, my New Year's knockout, my...what's that Abby? Get on with it. Okay!

Here I am reaquainting myself with Kev, who says he's in charge, though Abby said that too. Personally, I suspect Clive the Spaniel is in charge...

Arrived here last night, but we had a quiet night with just a few locals and a modest drinkiepoos. I am pacing myself since this whole Christmas New Year thing sounds like a long haul! Here I am this morning having coffee in preparation for a busy day. I have my own personal coffee cup donchaknow!

Had a busy day already, with a secret mission to the Post Office which I can't tell you about yet, and then some special fundraising preparation work. Take a few things you find lying about...

...add some rather scrumptious munchies....

and Ta! Da! A raffle prize fit for Dogstar!

But, hang on a minute....there's something missing. I know! That's better.

A nice bottle of wine in there as well.

Anyway, lots to do so I'll say bye for now. Hope you're not missing me too much at HQ Sam!

Love, Sirius xxx

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1 Response to "Welcoooooome to Waaaaaales!"

  1. Sam, on 19 December 2009 at 14:44 said:

    Sirius Aloysius Dogstar don't you dare touch that bottle of wine

    I do miss you , however its been a lot quieter since you left

    Love Sam x