Just Popped off to Spain

Watching the sun rise on my first morning in Andalucia. Extremely excited about my fortnight in the sun with the Pops family. (All nine of them!) They are here on a suprise visit to see their Mum / Gran who lives here, can't wait to see her face when we show up unexpectedly!

Well she seemed very pleased to meet me, we were going to have so much fun together, I could tell already!

The first few days were spent acclimatising, after all I'm quite a fair-furred boy and need to keep an eye on my complexion.

We went on a visit to the Crocodile Park. I'm lucky enough to meet all kinds of animals on my travels, though these ones were a little scary

There was one really close shave, but thankfully I escaped unharmed.

Here's me with some real genuine gold bling bought from my favourite looky-looky man on the beach.

One day we even took the boat to Africa! That was an adventure! Safety came first on the boat of course (I'm not taking chances, I'd already had a run in with crocs!)

Here I am arriving in Tangiers.

I took a lift from a very kind water-carrier as it was hot, hot, hot!

Stopped off for a cold beer in a local snakepit, what a brave doggy I am.

The journey home was a little ruff, just as well the sick-bag had instructions in English!

After my exciting day in Africa I decided to have a relaxing day reading the new Harry Potter. Apparently, they had a difficult time finding it for me but Kirsti and Ingi persevered until we all had a copy!

The Pops family took me to the Feria. (The fun fair) All the kids had fun on the rides but the boat trip home from Africa was bumpy enough for me so I just tucked into some Feria goodies. I *may* have got a little bit pink and sticky sharing this candyfloss with Tommypops

Wild Dog Blog (Please don't let Ingi see this bit)

Having a sneaky beer or two while their backs were turned.

And while the Ingipops slept... I sampled some of the wilder side of Spain with Graham. (Gran Pop's friend) .

Sleeping it off. I came home wearing this dress. Wonder who it belongs to..........?

I had such a fabulous time with the Pops family and now I'm having a nice rest in Scotland with Ingi and Tommy before I go off on my next adventure! I wonder where I'll go next? Maybe I could come on an adventure with you......?

P.s , if you would like to offer me a space on your next trip ( hint hint ) you can email Ingi who has offered to be my social secretary on Ingipops@dogstarfoundation.com

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