A visit to Derbyshire with Wendy and co

Sirius arrived at the House of Bumpy Jake a few days before we were all about to leave for our holiday in the Derbyshire Peak District. We were booked into the House of Correction, which initially worried Sirius, but once I explained that it was an old building where bad people were sent, but now a holiday home, he relaxed a little.
Bumpy and Sirius got to know each other, in preparation for becoming travelling companions. Sirius had a couple of days to chill out before our long journey

When we arrived at the House of Correction, we found an open fire, so seeing as it was getting a little chillly, a fire was soon roaring in the grate. Sirius was particularly keen on the fire, warming his furry little body but taking care not to get too close and burn his fur.
Having been warmed by the fire, Sirius entertained us all as he tinkled the ivories, although being a chap of limited height, he needed a little help reaching the keys....

After all that warming and piano playing, Sirius decided relaxation was needed and got comfy on the sofa...

And chilled with the boys, Toblie and Beenz. Sirius was most pleased with how colour co-ordinated they all were.

After a lie in on the Sunday morning, Sirius was off on an adventure - in a Cable Car at the Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath. Even though the cars seemed an awfully long way up from the car park, Sirius, the intrepid traveller and adventurer, was looking forward to this new experience

Sirius, once safely seated , enjoyed the fantastic views from the car.

Once the summit had been reached, it was time for well earned refreshments, in the form of a latte and a sausage roll.

Batteries recharged, Sirius explored the Heights and stopped to wave at passing travellers.

The next day, after having had a relaxing evening, Sirius joined the dogs for a walk at Calke Abbey. Sirius, being short on legs compared to his companions preferred to be carried, but stopped to enjoy a latte. Again.

On Tuesday Sirius went to visit Chatsworth House. There was a lot to see at Chatsworth, so before further exploring, Sirius thought a much needed coffee break was in order. With a sausage roll

Coffee break over, it was time to explore. As Sirius is such a brave little traveller, he was not alarmed by the rather scary looking statues.

Despite an intensive search, Sirius could not find the mini-bar, so instead stopped in the Dining Hall to read a menu from 1933. He decided that if the menu was good enough for a King, he would not be put off by the lack of a mini-bar.

In the Marble Gallery, Siruis struck some poses of his own, although felt his efforts were a tad more lifelike than the stone exhibits on display.....

Posing can be very tiring, so Sirius found himself a sofa and took a quick rest.

Revived from the sofa-rest, it was time to explore the grounds, although Sirius wasn't sure how far he'd be washed away if all that water overflowed!

On Wednesay, it was off to Melton Mowbray to visit Der Loj, before Mrs Oook moved.

Sirius was happy to visit the rehoming block but didn't want to hang around for too long in case he found himself in a kennel.

Time for one last wistful stare at the paddock, a place where so many rescued Lurchers and Greyhounds had enjoyed themselves

Hang on! Mrs Oook had a packing box with Sirius's name on it! Eeeek!

Rescued from being moved to Northampton, Sirius visited Hardwick Old Hall. It was closed though.

After the brief visit to Hardwick, Sirius went on to Clumber Park.

Preferring coffee to walking, Sirius stopped for a latte. Yet again.

His holiday in the Peak District was nearing its end, but Sirius wasn't sad as he met up with friends for a walk at Carsington Water. He found a rather odd shed type building but sadly there wasn't any coffee.

After the disappointment of no coffee break at Carsington, Sirius found refreshment after the walk when he and his friends all went back to the House of Correction for a spot of lunch.

I had a wonderful time with Wendy in Derbyshire, perhaps i could come visit you?
Contact ingipops@dogstarfoundation.com for detaills.

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