Sirius Graduates with Riayes Mum

Graduation with Raiye's Mum
Wednesday 28th November 2007
The University of Huddersfield

We had to be there really early and it took ages for Raiye's Mum to get all the paperwork stuff out of the way

But she got there eventually and we were ready ... don't we look posh?
And then there was more waiting around at the Town Hall. This is us having a look in the main hall before it all started.

And then we DID IT ... look that's us right up there on the stage making everyone smile!

The town hall is sooooo big! I was told it was built in the Victorian era and still has a lot of the fancy stuff from back then. This is a picture of one of the other graduations but see those people sitting right up by the organ at the back of the stage - well that is where we had to sit!

Now for the best bits ... Food!!

and WINE!

Lunch was really good, I can fair pack a buffet away for such a little lad :)

Next I met some of the posh people who all thought I was great and so well behaved

Just so my Big Day will never be forgotten me and Raiye's Mum have an official photo!

had such a fantastic time with Raiye's Mum and felt very handsome indeed wearing my cap and gown, but afterall I DO have such an important job as a roving ambassador for The Dogstar Foundation.
If you would like a visit from me or my new friend Poosa then please contact Ingi our seceratary to check when we are free. (

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