A day as an Industrial Chemist

Last week Claire drove North to visit Matt at his house. He lives in a place called Liversedge - I thought this was something to do with liver or soss-sedge but I was to be disappointed, it's just a place in West Yorkshire.

Matt works as a chemist in a place that makes paint. It was decided I should spend a day doing work experience with him, so off I went. It was bigger than I expected and a bit scary.

I went to the laboratory to see some paint that Matt made. I was going to do some painting but the tin was very big and I thought I might fall in. I didn't realise Matt had his name on the cans but he does. And he IS very durable....
Matt then let me have a go on one of the machines that he uses, I nearly got my paw trapped in it! I'm told the machine tests how runny the paint is?!

We then went down to the filling lines and I helped to put lids on the tins of paint we made for someone called Wilko. The lines go very fast and I got very tired. I think I need longer arms for this job.

Matt also looks at the different colours he makes, apparently this one is too yellow, although I can't see it myself.

I was so tired and stressed after my busy day I wandered off to find a much needed drink. This bottle looked about the right size for me........

...but it wasn't very nice! Fortunately I only drank a drop but it made me feel very ill. I got into trouble with Matt who told me he'd have to spend hours filling in the accident report book.

By the evening I was forgiven and I joined some of Matts colleagues for a curry and a beer. Quite a lot of beer. So much beer, in fact, that I ended up slumped in a corner with a condom on my head. No idea how it got there....

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