Sirius attends a Dogstrust Seminar in Budapest

In May I got to take a trip with the Dogstar head honcho herself to Budapest for an international convention run by the Dogs Trust. Some northern woman came too, and from the minute we hit the airport i knew this trip was going to be fun...
Duty free was not an option because we were staying within the european union but hey i could dream

I did think I should try to behave tho as i was flying the flag for Dogstar, so I had a sensible half hour round the tacky stuff in the airport. Do people really buy this stuff?

After a nice flight over, and a fun taxi ride to our hotel, we all threw our stuff down and headed straight for the bar

Sadly, i couldnt keep up with the northerner who appears to have hollow legs, and after a long day and a heavy drinking session we all went to bed ready for a few days of work and education. I did feel a bit rough though

I was put to bed and had a good nights sleep ready for ambassadoring the next day

Sirius with a cats protection volunteer

Sirius with dogs trust volunteer, cats protection volunteer and Peter the vet

Sirus in his wales outfit ready for work

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