Poosa's African Adventure with Sherlock Bones

I am such a lucky cat, I have been on the most amazing adventure, I hope you enjoy sharing it with me!

Firstly, I was whisked to this place called Livingstone. It's in a country far far away, called Zambia. On the first night, we had beds. In posh tents!!

We sat by the River Zambezi, and we saw in the distance a lot of water spray - that was apparently something called Victoria Falls. Behind that spray is somewhere called Zimbabwe.

The next day, oh my goodness!! Elephant riding - right by the River Zambezi - and we saw a crocodile and a hippo in the river! That's me up there, held on by Sherlock Bones and her friend Paulo and the nice elephant jockey.

Then me and Sherlock Bones sat on the elephant's knee and we gave him dinner!
That evening, me and Sherlock Bones and her friend Helen (who came with me all the way on our trek!) went to Victoria Falls. (I took this photo, that's why I'm not in it!).

After that, we had to travel a very long way into a country called Botswana. When we got there we went on an evening cruise down the Chobe river to look for animals.

More Elephants!!

Then we watched the sunset go down before going back to camp for a campfire.

That's how we ate every night, round the campfire. My friends Annette,Sam and Paulo are digging into their dinner there.

Then we had to travel a very very long way and go and sail down the river in a log. OK it was a canoe but believe me it was more like a log, it was called a Mokoro. A man used a pole to push us along and we went right through the river and down the Okavango Delta. It took well over an hour to get there through the swamps where hippos live. It was scary because if we wobbled we might fall in!!

For two nights we camped in the Delta and learnt how the locals lived - we had nothing, not even toilets and elephants were all around us!!

That footprint is from a hippo. Hippos! Camping!! Eeek!

When we got back to dry land we went in a little plane. We flew over the Okavango Delta to see how it looks from the air. Don't tell anyone I told you Sherlock Bones was very sick in the little plane.

Next we went to stay with Bushmen in a proper bush hut - how cool is that!!

Then it was off to yet another country, called Namibia. There is Etosha National Park where we looked for more animals on a safari. Gosh did we see lots!!
Giraffe are my favourite, i think. we were really lucky to see so many.

From Etosha, we went to a place called Spitzkoppe. That's where there are lots of knobbly big rocks, where there are cavemen paintings!! The cavemen used to be hunted years ago by the people that went to Namibia from Europe - they used to offer money in return for shooting a caveman because they said that they were animals because they lived amongst them. How horrid is that?
We watched the sun go down over Spitzkoppe and camped out by the knobbly rocks and avoided snakes and spiders cos they are creepy and dangerous there. You can see the truck we all travelled in - the truck was called Chobe after the River in Botswana.

We went to Cape Point on the Skeleton Coast, where the Portugese first landed in Namibia.
There was a smelly smelly smelly (much worse than Sirius!) smelly seal colony there.

You couldn't see the sea for the seals. Did I mention it smelt?

Then. gosh. then.... Sherlock and told me we were going to throw ourselves out of a plane over the Namib Desert. I was a bit scared but Sherlock Bones promised I was to be strapped to her very carefully!

Sirius would never be brave enough to do this you know! (don't tell him but at this point I was verrrrrrry verrrrrrrry scared!)

....and it this point I was completely petrified!


That was completely amazing! Poosa Dogstar.... ADRENALINE JUNKIE!!!!

After the excitement of all that, we retired for the night to watch the sunset over Swakopmund Pier.
Oh and we passed through the Tropic of Capricorn.... whatever that is!
Finally in Soussesvlei, we went sandboarding! Ha yes honestly...And we climbed that big sanddune. And guess what! Prince Harry climbed over us!! (Sherlock got tired climbing it and was in his way. Oh the indignity!!). We weren't allowed pictures of that, I'm sorry :(

Fish River Canyon was our last stop in Namibia. It's the second largest canyon after the Grand one!!
We stayed there to see sunset - isn't it amazing?

by that time the inside of Chobe the truck was minging. Look at it!!!
We drank lots of south african wine to keep us happy.
Finally, we travelled over the border into South Africa and a long long journey down to Cape Town. It rained on Table Mountain
but we made it!!! Look at poor me and Helen at the top!!! It was worth the trip!We had an amazing time, not many people had seen a Poosa in Africa before and everyone loved me. I carried my nice new Tshirt and explained to everyone that I met what the Dogstar Foundation was about. They thought it was amazing and I met friends not just from England but from Australia, New Zealand and even Lichtenstein. I bet noone else has ever met anyone from Lichtenstein!!!

I had such an adventure! If you'd like to take either myself or my colleague Sirius on an adventure (OR EVEN A QUIET FEW DAYS CHILLING OUT!) please contact out P.A. ingipops@dogstarfoundation.com
Love Poosa x

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  1. Sirius, on 1 December 2008 at 20:53 said:

    Oi Poosa I don't smell ( much )

    I am not jealous of your trip at all , okay maybe a little bit , okay I am really really jealous

    but you didn't mention the mini bar ?

    Love ( sometimes ) Sirius x x x x