Sirius Goes to the Lake District, with Wiggle & Sir H

Friday morning, Sirius was up bright and early for our long drive from Wiltshire to the Lake District. We had a good journey but when we got to Windermere, it started to snow! Sirius was once again, navigator and co-pilot, admiring the view as we drove.

However, after our long journey, Sirius was very pleased to see that the thoughtful cottage owners had left essential supplies!

But first, Sirius warmed himself by the fire

After getting warm, it was time to get comfy in PJ's and have a glass of wine...

Next morning, Sirius was keen to see where we were, so still in his pyjama's, he was up early and admiring the view

After breakfast and changing into his warm jumper and scarf, Sirius and Wiggle went for a walk at Ennerdale Water. Sirius thought Wiggle was slightly mad to be going in the cold water, so watched from the shore

Stopping to admire the view:

With Wiggle:

While Wiggle was busy with his stick, Sirius enjoyed the view some more

After walking alongside the lake, we drove on to see the sea - at St Bees.

After all that sea air, it was time to warm up in the sun with a latte

We went back to the cottage and all three boys went exploring, although it was possibly a little cold sitting on the frosty ground!

The next day, we woke up to more frosty but sunny weather so drove over to the very beautiful Wast Water.

Sirius was keen to explore and take in the view

Being a keen climber, Sirius joined Wiggle and scaled some rocks

As any intrepid Fell walker will know, its essential to stop for Kendal Mint Cake breaks

Sirius was disappointed to find that Kendal Mint Cake was alcohol free so insised that I took him to the pub for lunch. However, when we got there, Sirius got very excited to see that the RAF were in attendance!

Sirius being rather interested in things that fly, was keen to take the controls

When asked if we wanted to stay and watch the helicoptor take off, I did as Sirius asked and waited in the cold. Sirius was ready to wave to his new friends....

... and was very excited to see the helicopter take off!

Until the downdraft knocked him over!

After such an exciting day, Sirius went back to the cottage and relaxed in front of the fire for a while.

But the excitement of the helicopter had put Sirius in a silly mood - so he decided to put on his dinosaur outfit. Wiggle was unimpressed by such frivolity

And thought Sirius would be make better use of his time by acting as a pillow!

Finding himself overcome with tiredness, Sirius decided that Wiggle did in fact have the best idea, so snuggled up with his friend for a nap...

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2 Response to "Sirius Goes to the Lake District, with Wiggle & Sir H"

  1. Nichocacola, on 1 December 2008 at 23:19 said:

    Brilliant! That really made me laugh, especially where he gets knocked over my the helicopter. Great blog ;-)

  2. Muppet, on 2 December 2008 at 18:27 said:

    Gosh Sirius getting that close to a helicopter looks dangerous! I'm a bit concerned by your nakedness by the fireside and wonder what kind of holiday this was!!

    hugs Muppet xx