Sirius's adventures with Mary

So bags packed we checked in and went to the departure gate where the nice Singapore staff were serving champagne in celebration of their 1 millionth customer on the airbus A380.

My new friend Scottie and I had thought we’d best help the rest of them by partaking in this celebration.

First stop was Bangkok where I made a new friend with a lucky Soi (street) dog . Lucky as she was rescued as a pup and now lives a fabulous life with her owners Tim and David.

When in Bangkok, you have to visit Temples so off we went to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, known as Wat Pho. He looked quite a distinguished chap!!

And the Buddha was huge…………….

I rode a fierce looking dragon-y type thing

And tried to hide in the ornate building

here I am

We then took a ride in a Tuk Tuk ride with a crazy driver so I had to be held tightly so I didn’t fall out. Debbie and Mary just had to balance well as we flew round corners.

All packed up again we travelled on an overnight train where a lady magically turns the seats into beds!

I had to sleep on the top bunk as the bottom bunks were all taken, and I had to share with Mary, but there was enough space for us both!

Here is my friend Debbie in her bunk

In Northern Thailand we went trekking, I had to carry the camera as Mary was a lightweight!

Once we’d recovered from all that walking we moved onto Chiang Mai where we stayed at the Green Tulip so that we could be collected to go to the Elephant Foundation.

After a short-ish bus ride we arrived at the Elephant Foundation, where it was all go and we got to see some elephants (strangely, being that it’s an Elephant Foundation)

Including the naughty little baby one they have at the Foundation who manages to cause chaos when he wants to!

We then headed off to our luxurious accommodation to make friends with the local inhabitants, do a little elephant spotting on the veranda and have some well deserved rest!

The following morning we managed to get some shopping of hand carved elephants

and some bags. Very important for a dog to have these things!!!

Then it was back to Bangkok and to start the next part of the trip in Borneo.

The first couple of night we stayed in the lovely Hotel Shangri-La, what a come-up in the world, Scottie thought he’d relax without the need for a change of the silk sleeping sack for protection!

Whilst I explored

and finally found a suitable chair to relax in

That evening I watched a beautiful sunset with some new friends

Which was followed by a huge breakfast the next morning

Some playing of musical instruements, quite tuneful I’ll have you know

and meeting one of the hotel staff who does a tribal dance when guests arrive, I’m not sure if it’s to welcome them or scare them away!

Before we left, as Debbie’s camera got stolen I took her to the police station to get a crime report for insurance purposes, I think she just wanted to see some men in uniform!!

Then it was time to check out and start the Tour of Borneo, this kind man gave me a lift back to reception, it was a long way when you’ve got short legs!

Mount Kinabalu
Mary had mentioned something about climbing a mountain, easy I thought and then we arrived at the lodge and we looked at the map. Oh my goodness and for some strange reason Mary had chosen the longer route…madness I tell you madness.

So the morning of the climb and off we went, up and up we went….until we finally reached the lodge where we slept (or tried to, really Scotch and I were planning how to make sure Mary reached the summit the following day!)
Luckily our planning paid off and we all reached the summit were we had our photos taken!! What you can’t see there is that Low’s Peak (strange name) is 4095.2 m high…that’s a long way to go with legs as short as mine!!!

After the long tiring walk what we needed was to return to the Shangri-La for a hotel shower and good food, instead we headed to the Jungle…where Scottie and I shared a meal of vegetables and rice (don’t holiday with a veggie!) with coffee…I ask you…where was the wine and hot food…oh didn’t I mention the veggies and rice were cold!!!

Luckily on the cold wet day that it was, we ended the meal with some nice water melon!!!

I thought I’d try a tree to sleep in a tree

but settled for sharing Mary’s hammock (with Scotch as well – a tight squeeze for us all…)

The next morning we were each left on a section of the path way to see what we could see in the quiet…well I saw a leech on Mary’s fleece and some mushrooms (not even edible I don’t think) not really what we were expecting!!!

Anyway after breakfast we headed off for the final jungle walk, I held tightly onto Mary

So as not to get my feet dirty…it was ick muddy…

Finally out of the Jungle we were allocated our *homestay*. This is where we got to stay the night with a local family!! Well Debbie and Mary were allocated Mina, so I went along with them!!!

First Mary took me for a shower…oh my word….

Then we had lunch in the kitchen

And we were shown our bedroom

Where Mary had to hide me from the naughty grandson who tried to borrow everything in sight!!

That night they had a cultural evening, but they didn’t make me a costume so I just took photos!

The following morning after tea and red bean buns we headed off again!!

We also went to Turtle Island, where I sunbathed (I know in jeans and jumper…blame Mary) whilst the others played in the water

After visiting the orang-utans and monkeys the end of holiday arrived, and with my new t-shirt to remind me of my trip we had to start heading home

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  1. debraslade, on 25 May 2009 at 18:45 said:

    What a great adventure and looks like you showed Mary and Debbie a good time!