more email from the pub

My Dearest Sam

I am keeping very busy hanging out with the locals. They seem very friendly and were very impressed I came prepared with my Welsh Rugby kit. I have a few concerns about my new abode - there is one resident hound who seems to look at me with a lacivious expression and also the staff here seem most distracted with 'running the pub' and haven't yet fully rolled out my retirement leisure programme - but I am sure these are teething problems and all with settle down soon.

Please do let all my supporters on my blog and facebook know how I am getting on.

Here I am hanging with my new gang

Here I am getting to grips with the beer delivery system

Love Sirius

x x x

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  1. Sam, on 5 May 2009 at 15:22 said:

    Sirus Aloysius Dogstar now you stop being silly you are meant to be working