Me again , sorrys its been so long my useless PA Sam has been busying doing something called a Charity Application form which sounds very boring , then she did take me and out ( hoorah ) but lost the camera cable so she could not download any photos ( sacked as soon as I get a replacement let me tell you )

anyway to break up the boredom of watching Sam fill in paperwork ( she needs to get a hobby that girl ) I decided to unpack my travelling box and its just as well I did because my flippin passport is missing !

Thats it in the photo , it was issued by the British Bear Passport office and its number is Dogstar 0001 , the other passport is Sams but thats not very important really BUT MINE IS as I want to go overseas in January

Mark who is slightly better at doing what I tell him than Sam has asked all the people I have visited if they can look for it. If not Sam says we have to get a replacement and I am worried that means I will get stuck here for even longer

If you have seen my missing passport or you know anyone that works at the British Bear Passport office can you let me know

Love Sirius x

P.s Sam says she has found the camera cable so hopefully she will get on with my blogging for me 

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