T Touch at Tilley Farm

Sorry its taken me so long to blog , Sam is still my PA and she went off to Sri Lanka to hob nob with elephants and run dog clinics so I am all behind with my blogging again.

Saturday morning Sam and Mark collected me from the PO Box at 7 am. I tried to pretend to be excited but I was still a bit hungover from the Irish Wedding I was at last week , I perked up when Sam said we were going to see a lady called Sarah Fisher at a place called Tilley Farm where Sam and Mark were going to learn about something called T Touch which sounded exciting

 Mark and Noah learnt about body wraps

I was busy as well helping a very nice chap who popped in called Anthony Head by agreeing to pose with him.  I think it might help his career to be photographed with a famous dog like me.   I reckon he had heard I was in Horse and Hound in September and wanted to bask in my media glow

Anthony seemed very pleased but Sam told me afterwards I have  an ego the size of a bus and I need to learn some humility ( hope its easier than those wraps Mark and Noah were doing )

There were lots of other dogs there but I think I was the best one because Sarah gave me a rosette and did some ear slides on me.

Sarah works with other famous dogs like Barney the new Blue Peter dog so I knew I was in good hands. She even has a Blue Peter Badge which I thought was pretty cool. I told Sarah I had a badge from when I went to Brownie Camp with the 7th Strood Brownies which I think she was secretly impressed about

Sam is trying to sort out my missing blogs at the moment , she is beyond useless and I had any sense I should have asked Sarah if she wanted to be my new PA and ditch Sam when I had the chance

Love Sirius xxxx

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