Merry Christmas!!

Chestnuuuuuts roasting on an open fiiiiiire....!

Welcome to my Merry Christmas, and I hope you are all having a lovely day! Despite the lack of snow we are all getting in the Christmas spirit over here in Wales. Look! I've made another new friend, and what a seasonal one he is.

A little bit of what you fancy is good for you, isn't it? And lots of people came to the pub today to have a little Christmas tipple.

Oh, hang on, well, it is a bit strong that stuff. Ermm....No, seriously, that's just me and the guys kidding around. We've had a lovely day. We've played pool.

We've hugged sheep (well, it is Wales you know).

And we all had a go at being the fairy on top of the tree.

Most of all, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Love, Sirius xx

p.s. Dear Wendy's Mum. Thank you so much for the fab Christmas hat! I hope you notice I am sporting it today. It is so good to have a good range of wardrobe options, a boy really can't go wrong with several hats to chose from. Thanks again, Sirius x

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