what would they do without me ?

Christmas and New Year at the pub was great but then Abby made the mistake of sending me back to HQ where Mark "thick as 2 short planks" Green managed to forget to pack me with his bags when he went to Sri Lanka to visit Sam ( and after all the hassle I went to get a new passport ) 

I was forced to hold the fort here and I did a rather good job of it as well if I do say so myself ( and I will say so because NO ONE ESLE gives me any credit ) 

While Sam was away and I was in charge Dogstar Foundation became a registered UK Charity number 1133431. I had a look at the Charities Commission website here but could see no mention of me which was odd. 

Then last week Dogstar became a WSPA Member Society, Mark said Sam had worked very hard with Mo and the team in Sri Lanka to achieve this.  I suspect really what happened is WSPA saw photos of me in in my WSPA tee shirt when I was  neutered last year and can see I lead by example ( actually Sam made me do it but don't tell WSPA that ) 

Sam is back from Sri Lanka now and tells me I have a another Wedding to attend his weekend which sounds more fun than running her Charity for her ( she does nothing I tell you nothing ) Sam has promised to get me to the Church in time ( about time she did something ) so I will hopefully update you soon on my adventures 


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