The Press Pack

Some bloke called Peter Hiscox BSc, BVSc, MRCVS volunteered with Dogstar last summer for a month( Sam called him Dr Pete because she is too thick to remember all those letters after his name ). Dr Pete wrote a article about his time working with Sam and Mo that has been published in the UK Veterinary Times  

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Sam said it was fantastic and great press coverage for Dogstar , I think she has clearly forgotten Dogstar received some excellent press coverage last year when I was featured in Horse and Hound

Even Mark "boring as watching paint dry" Green had an article in his companies in house magazine so its just Sam that has never known the giddy heights of media fame and attention

Some of us can handle these things and some of us can't , Sam has her uses ( she answers my fanmail ) but she is not really a public facing figure like me :)

Whats that Sam ? I have an appointment this weekend at Crufts ? well don't just stand there then help me pack

Lots of love Sirius

Sam says if anyone wants more info about volunteering with Dogstar Foundation please email or visit our website

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