Sofa so good

Sam says I am going to Crufts this weekend with my Auntie Dee and a Muppet ( not sure which one I was not listening but I like Fozzie bear ) I went to Crufts a few years ago but its all changed now as it has something to do with DFS Sofas. Remember I said Sam was a bit dim well she once brought a DFS Sofa at full price ! 

I decided not to take all my clothes as I worried I might lose them down the back off all the sofas but I wanted to impress Auntie Dee and wear something new so I had a look at all my clobber 

ahhha I know what I will wear, I was playing strip poker ( don't tell Sam ) with a bear called Kings Cross or Marylebone or was it Charing Cross ? . Anyway I won the clothes off his little furry back and his bag and boots 

Auntie Dee I will see you on Friday 

Love Sirius xxxxx

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