On my travels with Dee, Sherlock Bones

We travelled a loooong way to get to York. So it was only right that when I got there, I had a little nap in the hotel room.
But soon we were on our way. Luxury travel only.

Well ... ok. We stopped for refreshment. The OJ was Sherlocks and I had to use the beer glass for support. Tis strong stuff oop north.

There is only one place to see the whole of York worth seeing. 275 steps up, I was a bit worn out and clung on for dear life: Top of York Minster
But what a view

York Minster had a space for a gargoyle. I think a Sirusgoyle is much more suitable don't you?

When in West Yorkshire... only one pub will do. Yes yes yes!!

Sirius does EMMERDALE!!!

Then we went over the Dales, this is up towards Kendal!

I went down under the Dales, and found a large wet sticky up object.

Ok, it was caving with lots of sticky up and droppy down objects. Sirigmites I think
I found a new house in Harrogate, don't you think Lord Sirius suits me?
Ahem. It was a long drive back home, and it was only one cig. honest.

SB had to go to London once we'd got back but then she went to visit Wendbert, Tegk69, and Snow. Wendbert and Teg took us to Bath... we had a bit of a splashing time in the Spa :)

And I got a bit excited (blush)

And fell sound asleep admiring the view

Only the best dogs get to go to the Spa, apparently

Bath does good coffee, ideal for getting over such a stressful swim

Sirius does the tourist trail

But is shocked at how undog friendly some places can be

Culture is in all trips. Isombard Kingdom Sirus Brunel here....

I build some kind of tunnel or something

And after all that effort, I needed a Bumpy hug before...

Going to the Avebury Stones and becoming all spiritual and hippy

Nearly at the top!

I reckon i could get there eventually!

Yaaaay Sirius the rock climber, and spiritual guru lets nothing get in his way.

Marlborough is good for resting after climbing so high!

So is Wendberts place. That's very very good for "resting"

But it's ok... any hangover is curable with a bumpy!

I had such a fun time with Dee on her travels, doing lots of interesting things and spreading the word about the fantastic work of the Dogstar Foundation.

If you want to invite me along on an adventure with you then you should contact my social seceratary ingipops@dogstarfoundation.com.

I wonder where I will be going next?

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