A weekend in Yorkshire

I popped out of my box into a house that was strangely familiar..... I was here in the Spring when I got taken to Duxford and the seaside and met the man who works with paint.....

My hostess, Claire, was in a bit of a tizz when I arrived. "Important wedding" she muttered while trying on hats and outfits and shoving me into my kilt. It was soon to become clear.

On the Friday morning she bundled Guinness and Sky into the car and took them to dog prison. We went through a village called Nobottle - I had a minor panic but it was okay, we didn't stop there. After dropping the dogs off at prison we took a trip to the hairdressers

Claire wouldn't have it that I didn't need my barnet done, but fortunately the hairdresser agreed and I escaped with my dignity intact.

Then we got on to the M1. The M1 is no fun at the best of time but there were two accidents and we took almost 4 hours to do a 2 hour journey. The air ambulance was trying to land near us - if he'd asked I could have given him flying tips. I hope everyone was ok.

As we passed Sheffield we said goodbye to the cooling towers at Tingley - they were being demolished on the Sunday morning. Claire was a bit sad, she likes industrial landmarks.

We finally arrived at Claires boyfriends house. I immediately remembered Matt - we watched rugby together and he took me to work at the paint factory. We had dinner and an early night because Saturday was "a big day".

Saturday morning was sunny and we all put our best clothes on and went to meet up at the pub opposite the church Matts sister was getting married at. I've not been to a wedding before and was quite excited, so I calmed my nerves with a swift drink before taking my place in the front of the church. Apparently family get the best seats at these gigs.

We had a great view for the show and did a bit of singing and a bit of laughing and the ladies did a bit of sniffling. Matts sister is called Anna and she looked very beautiful. She took her Dad into church with her, but the vicar swapped him for a chap called Ben. Anna seemed to think this was a good deal, especially as Ben gave her a ring.

After the gig we went outside and waited for photos to be taken. I met a bloke called Mark Yates who plays guitar for a band called Terrorvision. I swapped a few tips with him - he's an okay geezer cos he did a song about Tequila http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8hLQCA2h8kA.

Then Anna & Ben did a few photos with the real celebrity of the day - ME :-)

We went on to the reception which was a really nice informal thing with lots of food and lots of Pimms and the rest is a blur........

Sunday we all rubbed our heads a lot. Matt decided to go out in his car to blow away the cobwebs, so I stuck my head out of the top and went weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee through the Yorkshire countryside.

We then had a quick Goodbye drink with Anna & Ben who go off on their Honeymoon on Tuesday. On the way home we stopped off in Baildon to see the Harley Davidson rally they have there, but my feet didn't reach the pedals, so I couldn't have a go :-(

Today is Monday and I think we're all a bit flat after the fun we've had. Driving back to Claires it was strange going through Sheffield with the cooling towers missing. But we've cheered ourselves up with wedding cake and cups of tea.

Thank you to Ben & Anna for making me part of your special day.

Claire tells me next week I'm off to another wedding. I hope they have Pimms at this one, too.

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