Chelsea Show

Yesterday we had to get up at sillyoclock ( it was still dark ) and drove to Chelsea as Sam and Mark had a stand at the Chelsea show to raise money for Dogstars 2009 clinics as Sam

just as well I was with them , I arranged all the items on the stand and priced every thing up , then I put up the banner and the posters and info on the Dogstar Sponsor a dog scheme. Then Anne arrived and seemed to think that Mark and Sam had done all the work ( very unfair )

so I showed Anne what I done with the Sponsor a Dog display

and the elepoo products I had sorted out

then I think she twigged on I was the brains behind the Dogstar stand and offered to take me round the the rest of the show for a look, there were 50 different charties and groups there who look after animals all over the world and although I was a bit sad about the animals needing help very pleased to see lots of people who had turned up to buy things

Anne took me round the whole event twice but we could not find a bar at all but Anne said not to worry she would get me a drink ( hoorah )

Did I mention Anne is from Denmark ? I have not been to Denmark on my travels yet and I think they may do things a bit differently over there as she tipped the cuppa tea over me !

I had a soggy bum and my top was wet so Sam went to see the nice lady on the WSPA stand and brought me back a new tee shirt

at closing time I packed the entire stand away and counted up the money and was able to tell Mark and Sam I had raised nearly £ 150 for Dogstar ( okay Mark , Sam and Anne helped a little bit ) Anne is going to talk to Ingi who arranges my travel and I am going to stay with her soon, she said something about me doing so hard work and dog training ! I just hope she does not have a lot of cups of tea or I am going to have to get an umbrella

when we got home I decided to tell Gertie cat all about my day we opened a few bottles and talked about her plans for world domination

Funny thing is I have no idea how I got to bed.......

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