Sirius has landed back at HQ

so I had an extra trip to Annie after my extended stay at a sorting office and Annie has promised to pass my 2nd blog onto Ingi soon so you can see what I got up to on my extra trip

so yesterday it was back in the travelling box and Annie promised it would only be for a day and she made me wear my new PJs and told me to have a kip

Today when the box opened I saw Sam who is the Founder of Dogstar and sorta my boss ( although I tend to think of my self as a free spirit ) she said she loved my PJs and I think she was being serious but Mark laughed a lot ( he has no style that bloke )

I thought we might have a quite day in and sink a few beers but Sam said no we had to do some work and put up a sign at the local pet shop called Jollyes to advertise Dogstars new Sponsor a dog scheme. I know Sam works very hard for Dogstar but when I am back she gets me to do every thing and I had to put the card up for her

Then we had to buy me a new dog tag, I had a fab one in a star shape but it got lost and Sam said that all dogs are meant to wear a tag ( she nags some times you know ) so I made one at the machine. Mark had to give me a lift up the flippin coin slot ( I had forgiven him about laughing at my PJs by then )

then Sam said would take me to lunch and we could get a drink , about flippin time I said and asked if we had a table at the Ivy , Met Bar or Fifteen , Sam laughed and said wait and see

we had table alright at MORRISONS and a pot of tea

after lunch ( I helped Sam nick chips off Marks plate ) I helped Sam make some Tuna cake for her stand at Chelsea Show in the morning

Sam's dogs Holly , Winnie and Noah and Gertie the cat all thought it smelt lovely ( I thought it was yucky ) . I know I am meeting a Dogstar volunteer called Anne tommorow I wonder if she will share her lunch with me ?

I have to go now as Sam wants me to help her pack boxes ( she is a slave driver )

Bye for now

Sirius xxx

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